NiteTalk: Communing with Holy Ghost!: An Ultra Preview

Holy Ghost Resized

Forget the Father and the Son. Neither one of them have a stake in this game anyway. A certain collection of Memphis soul stirrers kinda do, though. And so does a Brooklyn-based DJ duo. Yep, you guessed it, we're talkin' about Holy Ghost!, who'll be bringing their DFA-sanctioned, neo now pop grooviness to Ultra's hallowed stage this Friday. Niteside got with Alex Frankel before the whirl began.

Didya crib your name from the Bar-Kays classic or the Holy Trinity? Bar-Kays, cuz we were really feeling that song and we needed a name, pronto.

I only ask because your track "I Will Come Back" seems to take its lin from the Son, no?
Nope, we're a bunch of New York Atheists.

Speaking of which, how do you get along with the Father and the Son anyway? I'm Jewish, and Nick [Millhiser] is from [New York's] Upper West Side, so he's basically Jewish, too.

Okay, now that that's settled. You're staging at Ultra, now bigger than ever. Will this be your first time? Yup, psyched! Lot of great artists and friends playing, it's an honor to be invited and we're thrilled to come down.

Since HG!'s debut LP will be dropping in early April, will your set be culled largely from that?
Definitely, the set will be 100% songs from our new album.

What other surprises do you have in store for Ultra-goers? Maybe an iPad solo... we'll see.

Word is you're buffing up to a full band for this show, too. That right? Oh yeah, we're a full live band now, which is what we always wanted. It's me, Nick and two new guys: Erik and Chris, who play keys and guitar, respectively.

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