NiteTalk: Cracking Wise with Casa de Ha-Ha's Daniel Reskin

Whether you like to laugh first, last or loudest, everybody digs a good laugh. It's nature's way of helping us get through life. But the number of places in town where we can get our laughs wouldn't fill a page in a bad joke book. That's probably why Casa de Ha-Ha is so popular. That and the fact that the comics who appear there are actually funny. Niteside got with Ha-Ha founder and funny man Daniel Reskin. Here's how it all went down:

What's Casa de Ha-Ha?
One of Miami's longest running independent stand-up comedy showcases. That sounds hoity-toity... it's a fresh, free, hilarious comedy show held at the funky indie record store, Sweat Records. It happens every second Tuesday of the month and costs no moneys.

Who's on tap to make us laugh tomorrow night?
I've got six comics, a musical comedy act (who can say no to raunchy ladies with guitars?) as well as my regular "house comics" Drew Spears and Adrian Mesa. Joe Dewayne hasn't been to the show for way too long; recently he cracked me up at $2 Funny Tuesdays at RedBar Gallery and I had to invite him. Wendi Starling has an effortless style. Jay Mays and Raul Salazar are Casa favorites. Johann Luna is always up to something creative... and I haven't seen Scott Stern perform yet so we'll ride that coaster together.

If they're not funny, do you make 'em pay in any way? Extreme reluctance on my part to have them back. I'll also suggest an honorable Japanese-style seppuku suicide.

At the last Ha-Ha you double-billed with a "fake convention" called Sagittari-Con 2012. Is there any special angle to this one?
No zodiac-based fake conventions were in town, so this Casa is all about realness. It's a new year, we're rubbing the crusty remains of 2010 out of our eyes. Every audience member will receive their own New Years Resolution, courtesy of me, because I love you.

What happens if folks don't resolve to meet their given resolution? Please direct your attention to the aforementioned seppuku.

Are there any other dangers inherent in attending Casa de Ha-Ha?
Besides injuring your FUNNY BONE?! Some might say the parking situation, but even if you give a dollar for the... *ahem* parking lot attendants, it's still a great value. You can always say you'll give them a buck when you get out, because by then they're off enjoying parking lot attendant crystalline substances.

Speaking of dangers, what do you find to be the most dangerous aspect of doing comedy in Miami? Rowdy misunderstanding drunk people. Freddy Stebbins was punched on stage by one such fool. Forrest Shaw was almost assaulted by a furious lesbian half his size. Sometimes you don't even realize what sets a person off. And then do you exploit this opportunity for laughs? Is the crowd with you? How many zingers can you get in before you become tomorrow's viral clip -- "Comic Headbutted in Crotch by Drunk Guy"? While belligerent, confused alpha male-types are not exclusive to Miami, they are well represented.

Isn't that something laughter might remedy? Depends if and how quickly your tongue can soothe a charging lunatic.

What makes laughter such a good cure-all anyway?
When you laugh, for a lovely little moment, you forget how dead we are. Unless you're laughing about that, in which case, what's up with you bro?

Any words of wisdom before we go?
Learn from other people's mistakes, that way you won't make them. Also, remember the actual mistakes so you can hold it over them forever.

Casa de Ha-Ha's 2011 Season kicks off Tuesday January 11 at Sweat Records 5505 NE 2nd Ave Miami For more info call 305.693.9309

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