NiteTalk: DJ Alex Butler has the Cure for What Ails Everyone

Anyone who's hit any hot shot pool party over the last three years, knows that the hottest -- and wettest -- is the one known as RX. From The National (where it all began), through The Raleigh (where it sophomored), to The Gansevoort (where it became unequivocal), RX provided the cure for what ailed everyone under the sun. With Season Four kicking off Saturday, Niteside decided another chat with resident DJ Alex Butler was in order.

For those who don't yet know, what's RX? RX is the #1 pool party in Miami as ranked by the Travel Channel. It was created by Justin Sheppard and Stephan Morris and is by far the sexiest party I've ever had the pleasure of DJing. You never know what amazingly fantastic awesomness might happen or who might show up. It's just an out of control great time!

Whatcha got planned for the launch of Season 4?
This Saturday George Acosta will be joining myself and Justin Sheppard for some fun in the sun. The buzz has been amazing. We've actually had some cabanas and daybeds reserved for a few months. Rainbow Brite, Teddy Ruxpin, and Strawberry Shortcake reserved a cabana three months ago... however because of circumstances I can't get into, they won't be able to make it, but tons of others will!

Any other special surprises you wanna mention? Yes! It's a secret I've held dear to my heart but now the world should know... I'm the Green Power Ranger. Don't let these boyish good looks fool you, I'm actually a cold-blooded assassin. Wait, you meant surprises about the opening? Well we just received word that Deco Drive is going to be covering the event which is a huge honor. A brand new sound system was installed, tested and sounds amazing. I can barely contain my excitement! Can it please be Saturday already?

Would you say this throwdown is the remedy for everything that ails everyone? No question! In fact I can answer this with a recent story. Shortly after we closed last season I had been feeling terribly under the weather. I went to see Dr. Howser for a check up. He asked if anything drastic had changed in the past few months and the only thing I could think of was the closing of RX. He emphatically stated that the only cure was more RX and that we should start right away. He then asked if I could get him in to which I replied: "Doogie Howser, for you, anytime."

If RX doesn't cure you, what will? If by some ridiculous insanity, the beautiful atmosphere and people don't cure whatever ailment you have, Damian Pinto the host of Ultra Music Festival and I are in the lab working on a weekly podcast that's pretty much the elixir of life. We were going to call it Jewish Penicillin, but then my mother nixed that idea when she demanded her recipe be on the flyer. I'm working on some awesome new stuff with my production partner, Doubletake, out of Boston, that will be ready by Winter Music Conference. Speaking of WMC we have some amazing stuff like... well... you'll just have to wait for that information. Now if you'll excuse me I must depart, if I'm not mistaken I spy Hermione Granger over there and she owes me 36 Galleons! Remember Nobody Does It Wetter!!

RX goes down at The Gansevoort each and every Saturday. For more information log on here.

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