NiteTalk: DJ Los de la Vega Gives the World a Whole New Turn

Everybody knows Miami’s magnetic. That’s how and why we attract the world. But since all the world has sent their representatives to Miami, who might Miami send to represent us to all the world? DJ Los de la Vega, that’s who. The Miami born and bred soundslinger rocks a polyglot mix of merry and mayhem that’s tailor-made to sway the international enclave known as South Beach. Which is why the world turns his way when it wants that certain South Beach sway. Got doubts? Hit Wall this Tuesday for Favela Beach and knock those doubts right out.

Who the hell is Los de la Vega? Los de la Vega is a Miami-born, Cuban American DJ/Producer based out of South Beach. A true representation of the South Beach Locals and the South Beach Nightlife.

If the LDLV sound had to be described in a sentence, what would it be? The LDLV sound is Hi Energy, Bass in yo face, Afro-Cuban/Brazilian-Baile-Funk-infused Electronic Dance Music.

Will all that be evident at Favela Beach  on Tuesday? Yes, all that will be thrown into the mix with a splash of some hard knockin' Hip-Hop, Baile Funk and some Dub step.

This isn't your first time boothing up at Wall, is it? This is not the first time. I'm a repeat offender. I love these guys; they are family: Tatanka, Paulo, DJ Ruen DJ Ross One, Navin of the KNR group. This night is special -- the best Tuesday by far for many years now .

How’s South Beach differ from the Land of the Rising Sun? South Beach is awesome -- beautiful everything. Very hard to top. I grew up here and I've experienced some magical nights here. However in Tokyo they just go all out they don't care who's looking, they just go in. Feria Tokyo is one of my favorite places to play in the world!

How’d you come to take on Japan anyway? Sal Morale aka Wakata Inc. opened up the gateway to the Far East. He saw me progressing in my production and on the turntables and decided to put me on when the time was right. Next thing you know we are playing at a “Big Beach Festival” in front of a couple thousand Japanese fans going crazy. Wakata!

Where else in the world can your spin be heard? You can catch me in Zurich this weekend at Club Prive, and then I’ll be in New York City and Brazil, then back to Tokyo for Halloween, which will be followed by other parts of Asia .

So is it fair to say that we’ll be doin’ some truly global dizzy on Tuesday? You can bet your bottom dizzle fo shizzle.

DJ Los de Las Vega spins Favela Beach, Tuesday August 21 at Wall. For more information log on here.

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