NiteTalk: DJ Pride Is Set to Make You Pump


For nearly a decade now, North Jersey-born, New York-bred DJ Pride has been driving the boys and girls of South Florida wild. Not that she's limited her spin to our stretch of sand, mind you. But it is here -- be it on South Beach or in Ft. Lauderdale -- that her name's become synonymous with sheer unadulterated fun. This Wednesday, DJ Pride leads a coterie of equally engaging spinners into White Room for a party called Pump.

Where did you get the name and why did you choose it? I am a tried and true Leo.

You've spun at some of the most fabled clubs in NY and Miami. How do you see the cities stacking up against each other spin-wise? I have spun at many fabulous venues in many cities all throughout the U.S., all with their unique vibes.  New York is my blood; Miami is in my heart. Stacking them against each other is apples and oranges. To each its laurels.

You've been in South Florida since 2001.
What are some of the major changes you've seen in clubdom since then? I have witnessed a huge move from mega clubs to many more intimate venues, making for a more personal experience for club goers.

Speaking of clubs, where are you now and how long have you been at each? I have two very successful residencies: five years running Thursdays "Crème and Sugar" at Score -- one of the longest running parties on South Beach -- and four months and going strong as the main room resident on Fridays at Living Room in Fort Lauderdale.

You're also in on the action for a new party called Pump. Can you tell us a little bit about what's in store? To offer my unique sound to a wider audience at a no boundaries, high energy party in an amazing venue in downtown Miami.

You've got your own podcast. What's that all about? At this time it is the perfect vehicle to give my fans a taste of what awaits them at all my appearances on a global scale.

What makes a song perfect to spin? When I can visualize the energy that new track will bring to the dance floor as well as fitting into the particular journey I will offer the dancers on a given night. That's a perfect song!

When you're not on the decks, where do you most like to hang out?
On the beach for relaxation and at all the hottest clubs in town for fun -- among them Electric Pickle, Mova, Twist, Mynt and LIV.

What's coming up for DJ Pride? A tremendously busy summer with three residencies on home turf. Looking to take my sound international and production work.


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