NiteTalk: DJ Tracy Young Takes Over the MIA for NYE

It's no secret that a slew of world class spinners will be in town for New Year's Eve. But not one of those many mighty DJs will be hitting the MIA like Tracy Young, whose three-day/four-date run culminates in Mansion's annual Genesis party. Niteside got the go-getting gal to give us the lowdown on all the fast action.

Wanna tell us what you've got goin' on for New Year's Day? Sure! I'm doing my annual New Year's Day party called Genesis at Mansion. It starts at 8 a .m. on New Year's Day. I play all day, and have Deborah Cox performing her song that I just remixed, "If It Wasn't For Love." It's going to be awesome!

Will this be your first year doin' Genesis? This is actually my ninth year doing Genesis. When I started it, I thought "hey, it's worth a shot." We thought maybe 300 people would show up. When we opened the doors, over 2000 people were lined up, ready to party. And it's only grown since then.

What made you decide to do the daytime rather than the traditional night? I started Genesis as a way to escape the madness of New Year's Eve, which is a night that is supposed to be fun, and always ends up being so stressful! The late Vito Abate and I decided "let's just totally break away from the traditional New Year's Eve party and throw a morning party the next day." It's a way for people to enjoy the energy of a New Year's celebration without being stressed-out by the challenges of the evening.

I'm usually in bed by 11p.m. the night before the party to get my beauty rest! However this year, I had a special opportunity to do an intimate "Genesis Preview" on the rooftop of the Townhouse Hotel, and I just couldn't say no. It will be fun to actually toast my friends and fans at midnight!

Oh, so you'll be rockin' both New Year's Day and Eve? Yes! It's a good thing I have lots of energy! Deborah Cox and I will also be performing on Miami LIVE at 11 the morning of Thursday the 29th, so we'll be doing the whole early morning/late night thing all week.

That's not the only action you've got cookin' this week, is it? That is true! The night of Thursday the 29th, I'm DJing the one-year anniversary of the Lords Hotel! Brian Gorman and all the Lords family have always been so good to me, and I am so excited to turn it out for them!

Guess you'll wait till the Second to sleep, huh?
I think if I was worried about sleep, I never would have gotten to where I am today! I am a high energy person, and the more I have to do, the more excited I get. I'm as bouncy as my music!

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