NiteTalk: Eddie “Earthtone” Vegas Summons Dark Clouds at Awarehouse

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Some people see things, and some people hear things. Then there are those who combine what they see and hear and make of it a destination. If said destination doesn't exist on any map, well, all the better. That seems to be where Eddie "Earthtone" Vegas is heading this Second Saturday, and he's assembled a cast of fellow travellers to join him. The what? Dark Clouds. The where? Awarehouse. Don't you dare bring an umbrella.

Real quick: Who's Eddie "Earthtone" Vegas? Well, I'm an artist networking out of Miami, ATM. I like to dabble into a little bit of everything, from music, painting, and writing, to film production and editing, but for now, I'm concentrating on a few music projects, including Astro BlaK or The Astro BlaK Experience when I'm playing with the band, and unique event creations for PsychevisioN Productions.

What exactly is PsychevisioN Productions? PsychevisioN started out as a watermark name for my photography and a source name for the videos I used to make with friends in my high school days. Eventually I dreamed of creating festivals, music and art events, carnivals, etc. It was only natural I would transferred it to represent those events. Over time, I hope to include more artists who like to swim in the ocean of Psychedelic Art and self-expression. Think of it like a Portal or an outlet for the artist community. PsychevisioN is everyone!

What's the big idea behind this Second Saturday's Dark Clouds? This Saturday PsychevisioN will be hosting its biggest production yet at one of Miami's finest venues -- Awarehouse! We will be showcasing some mind-blowing art installations, along with some of the city's freshest musical acts of ALL genres. Musically, we will definitely be giving people literally a little bit of EVERYTHING. I don't want to spoil the surprises with too revealing details, but I will say this: I don't think Miami has ever had a festival like this on its soil. ESPECIALLY from the local art scene. These are powerful times in MIA, artistically... and it's only the beginning...

Who's on tap to make a racket?
Here is the full lineup: organicArma, T.U.S.K., The Astro BlaK Experience, The Animal Pharm Society (featuring Funk Members from "Parliament Funkadelic" and "Kool & the Gang"), Y-Diz (of Telekinetic Walrus), Cog Nomen, Mr. Feathers, Buba Goes to Chaos, O.H.M.E., Eric Dez, Phantasman, Emerson BreastMilk, Xela Zaid, Laharii, Omar Rouge, Dismas Gestas & DJ AXL...

Who'll be getting visual? The "Portal" is the real star of the show... You see, we here at PsychevisioN Laboratories have been hard at work on a safe way to travel into different dimensions of time and space, so we built a Portal opener, and were going to open it at the show! Inside we hope to let people explore the life and evolution of the inhabitants of an Alien Planet!

Anyone else you wanna mention? Yes, we will be showcasing the Words & Wine Poetry Stage, which is an event founded by Nikki Rodriguez, and was awarded "Best Open Mic" this year in Miami New Times! On this stage we will feature the true essence of W&W... the poetry, the acoustic music and the Rumba Drum jams! Also, we will be featuring "The Gypsy's Void," which is a section of the "Enchanted Field" replete with a legit palm reader! She can peer into the world beyond our reality! We will also be featuring LIVE Art by Cortney Cates, Reinier Gamboa, Bruno Vago and the amazing Stacey Love!

Dark Clouds takes place Second Saturday November 12 at Awarehouse. For more info log on here.

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