NiteTalk: Edison Farrow on Celebrities and The Simple Life

Success doesn’t come easy in the afterdark, especially on South Beach, despite the fact that hard work seems about as welcome as a watered down drink. But if one were to write the story of a man who made success look simple, there’d be no better subject than Edison Farrow. For a full decade, Farrow’s been throwing the kinda parties that make the Lavender Mob assemble en masse, and he’s been doing so with unparalleled panache. Now that the nightlife kingpin is moving his signature soiree, Nightside decided to sidle up for the lowdown.
Word is that tres fab party you call The Simple Life has picked up and moved to a new venue. Yes, we just moved to Cameo! We are now upstairs at Cameo ever Thursday night. After six years at Buck15, DJ Daisy D, Chyna decided it was time for a change, so we picked up our party hats and moved to a bigger, bolder venue.
Don’t you have something even more extra special planned for this Thursday night’s edition? This Thursday, April 14th, I will be celebrating my birthday. In honor of Lady Gaga, who is in town this week, all of the performers will be paying tribute to Gaga and performing to songs that she made famous. We have Daisy D, Chyna, TP Lords and Sasha Lords all performing this week.
Should we also expect to see a swarm of little monsters roaring around the room? I hope so! I hope that Lady G will stop by as well!
Don’t you think it a little coincident that South Beach’s most notorious gay party thrower’s birthday happens to fall right around Gay Pride Day?
Yes, thank you Gay Pride Miami Beach for picking my birthday week every year for our Gay Pride! LOL. I could not have asked for a better week!
How will you be celebrating this year’s lavender holiday anyway? I am on the Entertainment Committee for Pride, so I will be helping out backstage with the performers all day on Saturday. It is a great event and has grown larger and more spectacular every year.
In addition to The Simple Life, you also host two other rather long-running affairs. I started "Martini Tuesdays" 10 years ago, which is a roving party that changes locations.
I also host "Hype" Fridays at Bar 721. We started that party just over one year ago.
Of all the wild parties you’ve thrown over the years, surely a celeb or three has shown up. Care to name some bold-face names? Yes, we have had a good amount of celebs that have shown up. Jim Carrey, Ewan McGregor, Nate Bercus, Richie Rich, Amanda LePore, Suzanne Sommers, Mary Murphy from So, You Think You Can Dance, Nichelle Nichols  from Star Trek, the "Queer Eye" cast.
Which among them was the most fun to have around? Mary Murphy was super cool, fun and happy to mingle and take pictures with all of the boys. It was the most fun having Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor, because it was so unexpected for them to show up and it got huge publicity internationally. 
Was there one who was terribly unfun? Rupert Everett is very nice, but quite reserved. He's English!
Speaking of unfun, what should party people definitely NOT DO when attending an Edison Farrow fete? Leave all attitude and inhibitions at home! We are out to have FUN!
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