NiteTalk: Eleazar Delgado Shows He Knows at Nikki Beach

Eleazer Delgado FREEDOM TOWER R D
Eleazer Delgado "Freedom Tower" (Detail)

South Beach wasn’t always models and bottles and rappers and reality show stars. In fact, once upon another time, everybody’s favorite party place was also known for its art. This Saturday more artful party people will get the opportunity to celebrate The Strip’s colorful core too. The event’s dubbed I Know Art, and it takes place at Nikki Beach. The very vivid Eleazar Delgado, one of three whose works will be shown, tells Niteside what he knows.

In a sentence (or three), just who is Eleazar Delgado? I am a historian, an artist and in love with South Florida – which is evident in my body of work. But I think the answer to your question changes in real time: I'm in a constant evolution and constantly inspired.

If you had to choose one verb to represent yourself, what would it be? Create.

How ‘bout a single adjective? Curious.

Care to share the who/when/where/what on I Know Art? I Know Art is an art exhibit and afternoon art networking event taking place this Saturday, Sept. 29 from 2 to 7 p.m. in Nikki Beach's beautiful garden space. It’ll be a mix of artists and art lovers, who’ll be doing their mixing amid works from my Behind The Lights Collection, as well as art from MANO and sculptures by Josepo. I should add that guests who RSVP will be treated to complimentary cocktails.

What compelled you, MANO and Josepo to do such a thing? The three of us were invited to participate by Nikki Beach. This will be the first in a series of events showcasing South Florida talent, and since we all already knew each other well and have long supported each other’s events, we jumped at the chance to show together. Nikki Beach is a gorgeous space and the beach is the perfect backdrop for an outdoor afternoon affair. And if you thought their garden was beautiful before (which of course it is), you’ll find it even more beautiful with the artwork.

How’d Nikki Beach come to choose you in the first place? Event organizer Verona Peñalba had seen my work in a Plum TV interview and had me on her radar for quite some time. She’s previously produced other art events for Nikki Beach properties abroad and thought it would be fitting to include me in their first Miami event. I was honored by how well she knew my work, and I gladly accepted the invitation to participate.

Would it be fair to call this a sorta artists’ quiet storming of South Beach? Not exactly, we're not storming in if we were invited, right? This event was originally scheduled during the weekend Tropical Storm Isaac paid us a visit though, so there is some storm to the story.

Anything else about Delgado we should know before you go-go? We're celebrating my birthday with a 3-day half-off sale from Thursday, Oct. 11 to Sunday, Oct. 13. So whether or not you make it over to I Know Art, you can swing by my Wynwood Studio. I'm working on a new collection and need to make more room, so this would be the perfect opportunity for people to own an original piece.

I Know Art takes place Saturday, Sept. 29, from 2-7 p.m. To RSVP log on here.

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