NiteTalk: Ess & Emm Break Beats After Sunset

Ess and Emm Esized

The twosome that plays together apparently stays together. How else to explain the enduring of the dynamic DJ duo known as Ess & Emm? Born Sasha Lauzon and Michelle Leshem, the fab ladies of the turntables have been turning on Miami hotspots for just about a full year now, and if anything they've gotten even closer in the process. On Friday night the gals are bringing their groove to The Bass Museum's "Beats After Sunset," so Niteside gave 'em the ol' Q&A. Yes, they answered in unision.

If Ess & Emm's sound was a color what would it be? Hot Pink and Fiery Red.

If Ess & Emm's sound was a look, what would it look like? Saturday Night Fever's lit up dance-floor.

If Ess & Emm's sound could be found a thousand years from now, how do you think the founders would describe it?
A mélange of eras in one, from 70s disco to dirty 80s synth, new wave sounds with hints of 90s classic house and the millennium's electro.

On Friday night you're taking to the turntables for the Bass Musuem's super-swingin' Beats After Sunset series. What should we expect?
A lot of nu-disco instrumentals with dollops of new wave and two Canadian gals at the helm of a fabulous party.

Is there a mood code? Get your ears in the mood for anything but commercial.

You gals have been boothing up at some of the hottest parties on both sides of the causeways. If you had to name one recent highlight though, what would it be? Our monthly Friday party at Cafeina, called The Eh Team! (we are both Canadians). We have the pleasure of spinning music inspired by the north, for the south. Last month's installment featured a fashion presentation by Miami's top stylists Danny Santiago, David Fittin and Teddy Gunter from Stash Wardrobe.

Besides the Bass, what else does Ess & Emm have comin' up in the near future? We are proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of The Eh Team on Friday, March 18 with a special live performance by local band favorite Modernage. We are also now Bamby's little kittens, where we have a monthly Saturday night residency coming up at The Vagabond, our home away from home.

Is there anything else we need to know about you two gals before we go-go?
What started off as two BFF's sharing our love for music, fashion and some mischief has evolved into the best experiment. Now, with residencies at spots in Wynwood and Downtown, coupled with special guest gigs for the likes of Vogue, Scope and Thrillist, we are able to share the music we love. Look out for our newest mix coming this month, "Death to Dirty Hipster Boys."

Ess & Emm spins Beats After Sunset, Friday, 8-10 p.m. at The Bass Museum 2100 Collins Avenue South Beach. For more information call 305.673.7530

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