NiteTalk: Fashion Poet Annie Vasquez Flies First-Class Coach

When it comes to looks, the city (and the citizenry) of Miami has got it goin’ on. That’s why an ever-larger part of the world turns this way when it wants to see what’s what -- and what’s to come -- style-wise. But we not only possess the look people wanna know better; we often produce it too. And that gives us one helluva view. As the visionary gal known as The Fashion Poet shows in “Miami Through the Lens of Coach,” ensuring those many splendid visions are all perfectly sighted takes a rather keen eye. Niteside grabs a glimpse.

Just who (and what) is The Fashion Poet? The Fashion Poet is the name of my blog and it's become my nickname now too. In the fashion blogging world, it's important to come up with a name that sticks and represents you. I’ve loved fashion since I was 8 years old and I fell in love with reading and writing poetry as a teen. My faves are Charles Bukowski, Jose Marti, Maya Angelou, Allen Ginsberg and the list goes on. It was what I wanted to be in college.

What makes Miami such a hot town for the topic? Miami in the ‘90s was hot for fashion; in the last few years the city’s been going through a renaissance. Top designers are paying attention; just look at the Design District now.

Is the Coach clip your way of showing just how hot our town can be? Absolutely! I was born and raised in Miami and I love this city. A lot of people have asked me why don't I move to New York for fashion, but I've stuck it through because I believe in this city and that's what I wanted to document in the video. How fashionable and cool we are. We aren't just South Beach and hanging out in bikinis or clubs; we dress hip and we have a great music scene, which is also why I wanted the music to be from Krisp, who are one of my favorite local bands. Miami’s Fro Rojas directed and I'm a fan of his too. I'm just really honestly honored that Coach gave me the opportunity to partner with them and help them promote their eyewear which is so amazing.

How’d that all come about anyway? Coach approached me. I proposed some ideas. They liked them and that was it. We partnered to promote their fall sunwear 2012.

Any more such screen gems slated for the near future? Absolutely. That is definitely in the works although I can't give details about it now.

The Fashion Poet teams with Lucky Magazine and Marshalls for their Marshalls Fabulous Found Fashion Tour Tuesday, Oct. 16 from 11a.m.-7 p.m. in The Shops at Midtown. For more information log on here.

Miami: Through the Lens of Coach from Fro Rojas on Vimeo:

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