NiteTalk: From South Beach to Beyond with DJ Joe Dert

Set, Rokbar, Snatch/Suite, Wall, LIV, Slim's... Name the hotspot and Joe Dert has spun it. These days the Beach-born DJ divides his weekends between Dream (Fridays) and Nikki Beach (most Sundays), and saves his Saturday's for very special spins. This mid-weekend Joe Dert will jolt Martini Bar at Gulfstream Park, and you can bet the beat will be big and bouncy, even if he doesn't bring his drums.

If you had to sum up Joe Dert's spin in a single sentence, what would it be? My heart beats for music!

Does what you do vary much according to the venue?
Absolutely, I read every room I'm playing, that dictates how I'm going to DJ that night. Especially the gigs outside of Miami.

So what kinda sound goes down at Dream on Friday nights? At Dream I play open format, I like to keep it up tempo house mixed with up tempo hip hop, and my own personal bootlegs. It's a great energetic room to play. Keppin it Derty!

You've got some other action this week too, right?
Yes, besides Friday at Dream, Saturday I'm at Martini Bar at The Gulfstream Park and this Sunday night I'm playing a corporate event at  The Forge.

How 'bout in addition to the spin? I just finished my first original house track for "The skin Foundation" to be released worldwide in late March. I am also going back to my roots playing drums for some bands in the studio, getting back into my drum/DJ show. Playing drums in general opens me up to be more creative, which translates into my dj'in as well.

Anything else we need to know about Joe Dert before you go go? On my website people can check out and download my mixes for free, find tour dates, and get updates on anything joedert! Follow me here.

Dig DJ Joe Dert wherever and whenever you can.

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