NiteTalk: Hunx and His Punx Preen on to The Stage

Hunx 2 Resized

If John Waters had come up with Cry Baby now rather than in 1990, he'd undoubtedly devote a chunk of the soundtrack to Hunx and His Punx. Of course Sir John might wanna include a cross-dressing riot grrrl group or two along with the usual Nuggets suspects, but it's a cinch he'd be keen on careening with as much bubblegum punk as Hunx and company could muster. Hit The Stage Friday night for a free -- and freeing -- homage to the roarful glory of good new-fangled rock 'n' roll.

Who the hell is Hunx and what's with the Punx? Hunx and his Punx is like if Patti Hearst and Jean Benet Ramsey had a variety show.

Rumor is it's now Punkettes - that so? It WAS the Punkettes till one got pregnant and another started library schooling. With the girls dropping off like flies I have no other choice to recruit some homosexuals to join the band.

So who'll be on stage at The Stage this Tuesday night - Punx or Punkettes? Me, Shannon Shaw, Erin Emslie, Daniel Pitout and King Tuff making the music, with commentary by Nancy Grace.

Punx or Punkettes, Hunx owes a chunk to heyday girl groups - what's the attraction? My dad took me to see Sister Act and I loved the Supremes ... You do the math.

Seems to be a hint of riot grrrl groups too, no? Duh! I'm a second gen Riot Grrrl! Daniel is only like 4th gen but we know some real OG RGs too. We are gonna drive our frumpy Bratmobile all the way to Soho to house-sit for Whacky at RG HQ, FYI...

What other swingin' sounds get you giddy? The only thing I can positively associate with the word "swinging" without barfing in my mouth is possibly some hot married "swinging" husbands who "swing" their way at me ;)

Will you be bringin' all that and then some to The Stage? Depends how much sleep we've had and if we are still getting along at that point. I honestly can't guarantee a great show...

Sailor Jerry presents Hunx and His Punx Friday, September 9, 11pm at The Stage 170 NE 38th Street Miami. For more information call (305) 576-9577 or log on here.

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