NiteTalk: Jacuzzi Boys Take on Dragonslayer at Churchill’s (JK)

Jacuzzi Boys1

We tried going through industry insiders; we tried going through mutual friends. We even tried going directly to the source - twice. But try as we might, Niteside just couldn't seem to get a hold of those elusive Jacuzzi Boys.

Have the now renowned locals got too big for their proverbial britches? That's for you to say -- and for them to figure out. We do know that the Boys have a new LP coming out on Monday, that it's called Glazin' and that Spin streamed the whole thing earlier this week. We also know that they've got a six-week tour planned for fall, and that they're playing Churchill's Saturday night. So, in honor of all that we do know, Niteside brings you "Cool Vapors", the first single of Jacuzzi Boys sure to be shouted and touted new album.

Because Niteside couldn't land a clip to go with though, we offer this trailer from Drag City's kickass (and skate-mad) Dragonslayer, which won three -- count 'em! -- Grand Jury prizes at 2011 Sundance. Hey, pool, jacuzzi... they both hold water, right?

DRAGONSLAYER (2011) OFFICIAL TRAILER from Animals of Combat on Vimeo.

Jacuzzi Boys play Saturday August 27 at Churchill's Pub 5501 NE 2nd Avenue Miami.. For more information call (305) 757-1807 or  log on here.

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