NiteTalk: Jipsy Wants You Just As You Were

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On Tuesday night, Magic City's scenesters will be assembling en masse at Wynwood's infamous Butter Gallery, in appreciation of both themselves, and of the nefarious girl who's captured them all for posterity. That's right. Miami's own Jipsy will be opening her solo show "Just As You Were." And knowing how this gifted lenschick hits the town, it's a bet she'll have shot every face in that fab crowd.

You're about to open your debut solo show -- that's gotta feel good. It's something I've never thought I would be doing and it's really done a number on my emotions. Like they say, you never forget your first.

Does the title "Just As You Were" have some special meaning? Two reasons: One is something I constantly yell out at people who feel they need to move when they see the camera and the other is a story about the club kids who influenced me to take pictures of their lives at the party.

Anybody we know in the show? You have to come by and see for yourself. It's mostly the club scensters from Miami and some New Yorkers that make a cameo here and there. There are some well known bands, designers, actors, even club kids that are well known. I don't have Paris Hilton, but I do have Perez Hilton.

Of all the shots, what's the hottest? Definitely not nudity. I actually love one of this girl just looking at me in a crowd of people dancing at a club. She gave me the come hither eyes and I took the picture. I still melt when I see that. It was in a matter of seconds, I shot it and never looked back.

Was it tremendously difficult to select who you'd use in the show? Yes!! I've had this pounding headache for a week during the selection process. But there's only so much room. Maybe one day I will cover the walls of a large space and show them all.

How'd you come to put it on at Butter anyway? [Gallery owner] Francesco [De La Torre] has been courting me for a while. After jokingly telling him if I ever did a show, I wanted to do a solo. He called my bluff. That was last summer. And now, here we are.

Before we go, is there one thing a potential subject of yours NEVER should do? Don't ask to see the image.

Jipsy's "Just As You Were" opens Tuesday March 8, 7pm-10pm at Butter Gallery 2303 Northwest 2nd Avenue Wynwood For more information log on to

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