NiteTalk: Kandi Stirman on the Very Fashionable Featherbrain

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South Florida has long been known for its exotic plumage. In fact way back in 1832 John James Audubon himself said "The flocks of birds... so astonished us that we could... scarcely believe our eyes." In the 20th century, birds and their feathers became quite the racket, and there wasn't a ladies hat in all the land that didn't sport some kinda indigenous plumage. Now though, to be up to the minute, you need a Featherbrain. Co-founder Kandi Stirman fills us in.

Would you please tell us a bit about Featherbrain? Featherbrain is a line of accessories that utilize exotic feathers as the primary design feature. It was started just over a year ago by myself and Margo Buckner. Our first product was 'the featherbrain' and it was based on the feather lock without the commitment and with an extra dose of extravagance. The featherbrain is a gorgeous wig that features permanent feather adornment.  It provides a flawless couture look with minimal effort. Our portfolio has grown to include: earrings, fascinators and necklaces. Next season we expect to add handbags and belts to our collection.

Where did the idea originally spring from?
Well, wearing feathers as adornment or ornamentation is as old as mankind, it invokes in the wearer something very sensual and primal. About a year and a half ago my good friend Margo and I were in Oregon for a big music festival.  So many of the girls from the West Coast were accessorizing with feathers. We saw feather locks in the hair, head bands, earrings, etc... it was beautiful.

Margo decided to get the feather locks and when we returned to Miami, the idea grew on us and became quite an inspiration. The lush sub-tropical climate is a perfect place to explore the placement of exotic accessories. Our designs, although inspired by the West Coast trend, have a much more vibrant and glamorous spin to the final rendering of the product.

Can you name some Miamians who've been donning the gear?
We feel very lucky to have been so well received. We really love what we are making and it makes us very happy to be able to share that little spark with others. Here are a few of the more, er, notorious:

Musician Nicole Chirino; Artist Nicole Soden; Celebrity Stylist Jessica Bosch; DJ Duo Ess and Emm; Back Door Bamby Stylist and Production Manager Andy Wardrobe; Performance Artist Sean Fountain aka Wildchild; Wynwood's most notorious Hairstylist Bianca the Cutter; Choreographer Rosie Herrera; and the one and only Mr. Feathers.

Word is you're contending for some kinda TV show, wanna tell us about it?
Yes! I am preparing right now for Project Accessory. It's a spin-off of Project Runway but for accessory designers. I feel honored to have been invited and you'd better believe I am bringing my A Game.

Wow! Best of luck!

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