NiteTalk: Karolina Wojtasik Turns Her Lens on India

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It takes more than a hot summer night to get Miami's art crowd heated about something; in fact it takes a whole lot more. Notoriously uber cool, the so-called crème-de-la-crème tends to sit back and wait to be impressed. That's why it was so surprising to see them all throng to Wynwood's Gallery I/D last Saturday night for Karolina Wojtasik's MIA debut, "Sandara (Faces of India)." Then again, the photographs on view in this stunning show possess the kind of power that could compel a shut-in to hit the town. The Warsaw-born, New York-raised, Brooklyn-based Wojtasik spent two months trekking through the subcontinent, and her ultra vivid images will last many, many lifetimes. They can only be seen at Gallery I/D through August 28th, so what are you waiting for? We caught up with Wajtasik via e-mail to find out more about the compelling photographer:

First off, why India? The country has always held a special place in my heart. My great-great-grandfather was born in Tibet, so you could say it's a full circle for me.

What did you find there that was most surprising?
The most glaring difference I noticed was the compassion people showed me without even knowing who I am. I was brought in as a family member consistently throughout my travels.

Was there one particular family or village that stood out among all the others? Yes, one family/place -- it was the Annapurna base camp in Nepal. I felt like part of the family there -- I feel like I could go back tomorrow and they would embrace me immediately.

Can you please explain the title Sundara? Sundara is Sanskrit for beautiful -- enough said.

Is this your first show in Miami? Yes, this is my first show in Miami, but I feel Gallery ID will represent and respect my work to the fullest degree.

Your site also boasts a series on a woman named Mimi. What's that all about? Mimi is a long and complicated story she is my great-aunt who ended up passing away on this very trip. It's a personal experience that I would rather discuss on the phone or in person.

Word is you also are involved in television documentary work. Where might we see some of that? I recently shot the intervention campaign for A&E. It is presently up in LA.

You live in New York, but surely you've spent some time in Miami. When you're in town, where do you most dig hanging out?
I have wonderful friends in Miami so most likely with them. The color pallet in Miami is vibrant and stimulating. It's a welcomed respite from the grays, browns and neutrals of NYC.

What's coming up for Karolina Wojtasik?
Siberia is next!

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