NiteTalk: Kelly Kraft Arts it Up for FL/NY

Kelly Kraft R

It's no secret Wynwood serves as the cultural core of our rollicking town.  It's also not a secret that our rollicking town is, in many ways, serves as a de facto sixth borough to the Big Bad Apple. To support both conceits, Alpine Creative Group and Urban Icons Marketing are teaming to "Experience Explore [and] Connect" for FL/NY. Visualist Kelly Kraft, whose work will be among those exhibited, gives Niteside some of the what-for.

For those who don't yet know, who's Kelly Kraft and what does she do?
She's an overall Jill of Many Trades, a true entrepreneur at heart, and working in the studio is one of her favorite creative outlets.

What have you got goin' down in Wynwood tonight? I'm showing my "Disintegrated Mirrors" collection for Alpine Creative's and Urban Icons' 2012 Industry Trends Event.

How did that all come about? After missing my last event in New York, my dear friend Steve from Alpine Creative, invited me to show.

Any other upcoming Miami action we should know about? Miami is full of action and I would be delighted to show here again in the near future, but nothing has been set as of now.

How 'bout elsewhere? New York is my home and although I enjoyed creating this last collection in Miami, I'm now focused on a new medium that will likely be showcased there in my home town first.

Anything else we should know about before you go go? Creativity fuels my soul and I'm constantly evolving, so as I surprise myself with each new collection; I hope to do the same for my collectors.

FL/NY 2012 Industry Trends Event takes place Wednesday January 18, 6-10pm.

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