NiteTalk: Liz Ferrer and Southernmost Situations Take on The Corner

In Free Key West they took a collection of objects acquired over 48 hours exploring cultural piracy on the southernmost tip of these United States and put ‘em on display at Swampspace. For Situation Range they took the works of a worldly array of video artists and transformed two floors of LegalArt. And in Whether you like or not #3, “the third in a series of nomadic cultural piracy events,” they mashed a YouTube video playlist and DJ set at Trophy Bar in New York. They are Southernmost Situations, and this Friday night the outfit and their merry band of co-conspirators will rise The Corner to a wowsome occasion. Co-founder Liz Ferrer fills us in.

Just what (and who) is Southernmost Situations (and how long has it been goin’ on)? Southernmost Situations is a Miami-based creative collective with an open forum ideology for experimentation and collaboration. Alan Gutierrez and I are the founders, however, once you've participated in one of our situations you become part of the collective.

Is there some kinda story behind the name? Southernmost Situations started on a spontaneous-magical trip to Key West, last December, with friends on the southernmost tip. The trip became a series of eventful situations we that turned into the idea for the collective and an art show at Swampspace in January.

So who’s doin’ what at The Corner this Friday night? This show’s featured artists include: David Brieske, Rick Diaz, Richard Vergez of Drowning the Virgin Silence, Tony Kapel & Maitejosune Urrechaga from Pocket of Lollipops, Cara Despain, Liony Garcia, Sebastian Duncan Portuondo, and El Maestro Bermuda Triangle in collaboration with Jenna Balfe.

What do you expect to happen once all these artists collide? We are taking over The Corner with Audio/Visual interventions throughout the night, and that marriage of sound and vision will be pouring out of the bar and into the streets. It’s hard to predict what will happen, but it will be so exciting to see how unsuspecting bar-goers respond to these pieces.

Do you recommend folks take any special precautions before making the scene? Bring your Bahama Breeze uniform, and don't forget your conch and your lobster.

Southernmost Audio/Visual Situations takes place Friday, September7th 8-10pm at The Corner as part of DWNTWN Art Days. For more information log on here.

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