NiteTalk: Lolo Leads a Chat About Miami Music-Making at MAM

Anyone with eyes and ears has seen and heard Miami Art Museum's resounding "The Record"; ditto goes for Sweat Records, be it via the third round of Sweatstock or the shop itself. On Thursday the twain collide (again) to talk about "The History of Record-Making in Miami". The chat's officially called "Miami Vinyl" and Sweat's own Lolo is moderating.

Wanna tell us a quick bit about Miami Vinyl? Miami Vinyl is a series of panel discussions covering different eras of local music and vinyl production. These chats are a perfect compliment to MAM's current show "The Record", which celebrates the vinyl format in general and as an artistic medium. After the talk we have adult beverages and DJ Manuvers spinning relevant tunes.

Who (and what) is on tap for the next chat?
My esteemed panelists are local music scene veteran and writer Abel Folgar, Schematic Records founder and musician Romulo Del Castillo, Slip-N-Slide Records founder Ted Lucas, and music journalist Arielle Castillo. We're going to discuss the labels, venues, record shops and acts that have populated and shaped South Florida's music scene from the mid '90s to now.

What so special about Miami sound anyway? Due to our geographic isolation, it's been sort of a hothouse for music and the arts. We have so much uniqueness here because our influences pour in from all over the globe, yet we're still secluded. It makes for some really interesting species and hybrids.

Do you see it heading for a(nother) heyday?
Absolutely. The live music scene here is on a huge upswing. There are loads of bands and acts and venues busting their humps to engage audiences, release excellent music and put on excellent shows.

Speaking of which, isn't Sweat about to release some sounds of its own?
Yessir. Our in-house record label Sutro (short for subtropic) is re-launching because a) we love vinyl and b) there are now a wealth of bands who are bursting with potential and we want to help give them a push. The first release is a 7" single by Miami Beach-based hyperactive blues-rock duo Deaf Poets. They are awesome and the release party is Saturday, June 2nd at Churchill's. After that we're doing a 7" for disco-funk-rock quartet Krisp.

What else should we know before you go-go?
Stop by the Sweat Records pop-up shop in the MAM's gift shop and grab yourself a musical treat.  All records need a good home.

Miami Vinyl: The History of Record-Making in Miami takes place Thursday, May 3, 6-9pm, panel begins 6:30pm at Miami Art Museum. For more information log on here.

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