NiteTalk: Lydia Azout Sculpts Out a Couple Knockouts

Lydia Azout R
Lydia Azout (Frost Exhibition Detail)

She works with materials that will never perish overnight. She evokes Euclid and Plato and other like minds who refuse to think alike. She explores the sublime, unleashes inner light, and forges the ethereal with her own bare hands. She is Lydia Azout, and this week she’s got knockout openings at both The Frost and Dot Fiftyone. Niteside got the Bogota-born sculptor to play a little Either/Or before her Out of the Ordinary Geometry and Language of Silence make their respective bows.

Form or function? At a Quantum level form is very important and can go changing as the spectator looks at it and changes perspective.

Math or science? Science is also one of my interests and as an artist I can allow the fascinating new unproven ideas to spark my imagination.

Sacred or profane? My intention is to make a space that is a profound and quieting experience, a cut from the day to day lineal life. A spiritual space.

Steel or stone? The two show are mostly in steel but also have other elements like road construction grids.

History or mystery? What attracts me is the mystery and the unknown, the world we do not see.

Out of the Ordinary Geometry opens Wednesday September 12, 6-9pm at the Frost Art Museum; Language of Silence opens Saturday September 15, 7-10pm at Dot Fiftyone Gallery.

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