NiteTalk: Miami Music Week: Thomas Gold Has Platinum Status

Thomas Gold R

He's been cited by everyone from Sander Van Doorn to Swedish House Mafia (who are having him back at their massive Masquerade Motel). He's gone face-to-face  with Fatboy Slim ("Star69") and Dirty South ("Eyes Wide Open" and "Alive"), and he'll be teaming with the latter at Mansion. His name is not only a name dance fans can trust; it's one they increasingly insist upon. He is Berlin-born Thomas Gold, who's got five -- count 'em! -- stellar spins slated for this Miami Music Week.

For those few who don't yet know, who is Thomas Gold? I'm a DJ/producer/remixer based in Berlin. I make progressive and tech house as a producer and that's what I play as a DJ. I'm signed to Axtone and have released music on Size, Phazing and Toolroom. I recently finished up a huge Australian and Asian tour and now I'm touring the States.

What have you got lined up for this year's Miami Music Week? I have a busy Miami Music Week with five shows -- Masquerade Motel, Mansion with Dirty South, two shows with Axwell and my very first Miami Music Week headline event, at Mynt on Saturday March 24.

Will this be the first time you and Dirty re-connected since you cats racked "Eyes Wide Open"? Yes, this will be the first time we're playing together since last year's Miami Music Week!

Since that track's a tag team effort, who gets first dibs on spinning it? The good thing is that we have two tracks in common ("Alive" and "Eyes Wide Open") so we'll probably share the tracks. One for me and one for him.  It's not fixed who has to play what and we'll figure out which track fits better
within the context of the our sets.

Speaking of firsts, will this be your first spin at Mansion? Actually, I played there before with Dirty South during Miami Music Week. When I return on April 21, I'll be headlining Mansion, and that will be a first!

We know it's not your first Motel -- can fans nonetheless expect some kinda surprises? Definitely because for the Miami Music Week and Masquerade Motel  I'm preparing a very special set with new versions of tracks and special edits. There will be new and unreleased tracks from myself and this will be the first time I'm playing them out. Masquerade Motel is always something very special and it means a lot for me to play there.

What else should we know about Thomas Gold before Music Week takes hold? This Miami Music Week is a very special one to me because I host my own event for the first time at Mynt on Saturday March 24 and invited guest DJs to play. There will be a few special guests and Kate Ellsworth is singing live which is the first time we are doing this live. I'm really excited
about the night and it's exciting to put it together. This will be my highlight.

Thomas Gold appears March 21 at Amnesia (Axtone Presents...), March 23 at Masquerade Motel and Mansion (with Dirty South & Friends), March 24 at MYNT and March 25 at The Surfcomber (Axtone Presents...)

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