NiteTalk: Miami YouTube Sensation Maria Zouroudis Comes Home for the Holidays

Maria Zouroudis R

These days home is as much a place as it is a state of mind; it's wherever you are, wherever you've been and wherever you're going. Mostly though, it's wherever you find it. So it makes perfect sense for Miami-based YouTube sensation Maria Zouroudis to host a Christmas Special on her site. This way she can have every one of those millions of viewers over to her home for the holidays.

For those who don't yet know, who's Maria Zouroudis?
I'm a Greek-American vocalist, songwriter, entrepreneur and lover of all things artistic and musical. My style is a fusion of pop, r&b and acoustic-soul! I've used youtube to promote my music and I'm excited to say that I've received 8.2 million views and 36,400 subscribers!

What is it about a song that compels you to cover it?
I either love the melodies, love the message or find myself being able to relate to it. If a song contains all of those qualities, I'll most likely start my own version the very same night I hear it!

Is there another equally-inclined track on your radar? I'm actually very excited about my own songs that I've written recently. I'll be sharing some of those records (which will be part of my upcoming EP) in the next couple of months!

Tonight you'll be singing in the holidays, wanna tell us about it? I'll be performing live via the internet on my website from 7:00pm to 8:30pm EST. It's going to be an intimate show featuring me and the piano and all songs have been personally chosen by my fans aka my musical family from Facebook.

How'd that all come about?
I post videos regularly on youtube and I've been a little absent from uploading lately. I wanted everyone who supports me to know how much I appreciate everything they've done and continue to do so I decided to put together a personal concert just for them. The internet is the closest I can get to being with all of them at the same time and there's no better time than the holidays!

What else do you got goin' on this week? I'll be working on my next set of videos, performing at the Doral Marriott on Wednesday and then I'll be going home for a few days to spend Christmas with Mama and Papa Z!

Do you have any other monthly residencies? Besides Biscayne Marriott and The Clevelander, I'll officially be performing at Nikki Beach every Wednesday starting December 28th.

Maria Zouroudis's Live Christmas Special takes place Tuesday December 20 7pm-8:30pm EST.

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