NiteTalk: Miami’s Own Mr. Pauer Messes with Texas — Big Time

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The last time Niteside caught up with Miami's Mr. Pauer, the world class spinner was getting international at Awarehouse with Spain's sublime  Fangoria. Since then he's hit CMJ, Pop Montreal and Central Park Summerstage, earned an iTunes Download of the Week and Top Tune from LA's KCRW, made PRI's The World, and landed a Latin Grammy nomination. As if that wasn't enough, the peripatetic Producer/DJ just got back from SXSW, where he messed with the Texans in ways they'd never even imagined (and MTV insisted they see). And yes, that's good, damn good. You've got three chances to catch the rad cat this Miami Music Week; we recommend you chance all three.

What the hell drove to you to go to Texas? I got officially selected by SXSW itself. Orginally it was for one showcase; then as the conference grew nearer they asked me to do a second. Once I was there, they requested a third. It was badass.

Was this your first SXSW? This was my first as Mr. Pauer. The last time I went was 10 years ago with my band Soniko. That also was an official showcase, but it was nothing like amazing madhouse it is now.

How'd you land the showcase anyway? It's an open selection on the site. Everything's arranged by different categories; I entered under Latin Rock. What's cool is even though I was DJing, I spun nothing but Mr. Paur tracks and original remixes.

What's the latest from Mr. Pauer, record-wise? Because of the Latin Grammy nomination, I'm still flying high on my Soundtrack album. Of course I've updated the tracks since the original release, but the LP still feels fresh even one year later.

What else made your Texas set list? I've got remixes of new tracks such as "Crazy People" by Sack Noel, as well as all-time classics like "La Murga de Panama" by Willie Colon, plus an assortment of Miami remixes, including Afrobeta, Elastic Bond and Locos Por Juana.

Can you cite one highlight of the SXSW trip?
The most inspiring thing to me was having people come up at the shows and finding out they already knew about Mr. Pauer. It's amazing what the Internet can do for a independent artist.

Now that you're back, what's on tap? Actually on Thursday I'm playing Venue Cafe for the Peligrosa party, which is a huge Austin-based EDM event, so I'm kinda still a little connected to Texas. On Friday I'm at The Stage with Locos Por Juanas' side project Afro Kumbe; then Saturday it's Haven with a whole bunch of my DJ friends from Spain and Venezuela. It'll be my first time spinning there, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the club's incredible visuals interacts with my music.

And after Music Week? Next it's back to Caracas for the Pepsi Music Awards. I've been nominated for Best Electronic Album, Song and Video. Needless to say I'm beyond excited.

Wow! Congratulations! Thanks, brother!

Mr. Pauer plays Thursday at Venue Cafe, Friday at The Stage and Saturday at Haven. For more information log on here. Meantime if you hurry you can download Soundtrack for free here.

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