NiteTalk: Miss Trixie Minx Brings Her Burlesque Back to Coco’s

She was born and bred in the MIA, but she truly came of stage in New Orleans, where her Fleur de Tease is the absolute ultimate in Big Easy burlesque. Her shows combine sass, brass and beauty, and they’ve wowed crowds all over the wild world. She is the one and only Miss Trixie Minx, and this Friday night she’s bringing her charms back to Coco’s Cabaret Burlesque Show at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. If you dig dame-laden spectacles, this is not to be missed.

Just who the hell does Trixie Minx think she is? Didn't ya know? Trixie Minx is the leggy tassel twirler; New Orleans' own favorite burlesque beauty and comedic cutie. Seriously though I'm a burlesque dancer and producer that performs throughout the world showcasing the art of striptease.

Would you say she’s more throwback or fast forward? I think the character is a wonderful combination of both. I love the classic “bump ‘n’ grind”, but I put my own signature on each performance.

How does that play in the Big Easy? I was born & raised in Miami, but have lived in New Orleans for quite some time. In New Orleans I get to work with musicians who used to play at the old burlesque houses and I've met some wonderful burlesque legends that are now retired. Having the opportunity to regularly talk and work with people who were so involved in the Bourbon Street Burlesque Scene of the 1950s & ‘60s has really shaped me as a performer. I'm really proud to carry on the tradition in that city through my shows.

And around the rest of the country? I've been very lucky to travel around the U.S. and internationally, and no matter where the audience is from everyone is smiling from ear to ear after a show. What also may be surprising to some is that the majority of the audiences are made up of couples or women. Burlesque is the art of tease, but also a celebration of women and I think other ladies want to support that too.

Speaking of which, what’s she up to at Coco’s? I absolutely LOVE being part of the Coco's Cabaret Burlesque Show. I've been performing the classic feather fan dance made popular by Sally Rand in the 1920s & ‘30s. This week I'm debuting a second solo as well, but I'm not gonna whisper a word about it so you will have to come see for yourself at the show!

Is this a weekly affair? Yes, and there are only three shows left! Make sure you see one before it runs out.

Who else is in on the action? The cast is insanely talented. Comedian Peter Fogel is the host for this burlesque adventure. Featured burlesque acts include the British Bombshell Aurora Natrix, the sensual Nicole Marie Soden, and of course me, Miss Trixie Minx. And you will be amazed by the talented juggling of Scotty Cavanaugh, the comedy routines, and a cast of six beautiful dancers.

How would you sum up the show for those who’ve yet to go? Coco's Cabaret Burlesque Show is an entertaining ride through the art of burlesque and vaudeville. While burlesque is featured throughout the evening this show is so much more than simply striptease. Fantastic variety acts, comedy, and elaborate group dance routines make this the kind of standout production that is not to be missed.

Anything else you’d like us to know? There is only one rule in burlesque: The more you give the ladies the more they give you! So hoot and holler your heads off!

Trixie Minx appears in Coco's Cabaret Burlesque Show Friday, September 21 at The Seminole Coconut Creek Casino. For more information log on here.

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