NiteTalk: Nabedi Osorio on the State of The State Of

The State Of by Wasabi R
Pamela Wasabi

Seems like just yesterday that Niteside was buzzing about The State Of's taking the stage at Sweatstock, and, as everybody in attendance will tell you, they took the stage to a truly higher realm. We weren't surprised though, because as Miami music fans know, that's what The State Of does. When word got out that one half of that awesome twosome would be heading to L.A. we didn't believe it. When The Stage announced a blowout goodbye concert, we knew it was true. As Nabedi Osorio explains though, The State Of is simply entering an altered state.

What exactly is the state of The State Of? I'm departing Miami and moving to L.A. to further my career. I've always been an adventurer, a Vagabond, sort of gypsy-like. But contrary to popular belief, no matter where this journey takes me, The State Of will continue. I believe that with this move, I'll be encountering a world of opportunities that have been waiting for me to get a hold of. I plan to take on anything that lies in my path, but always keeping The State Of close to the heart. We've done a lot together as a band, and have a world to conquer; now we must get to that so called "next level" and I have a strong feeling that it's out there waiting and I'm running to get it! So no worries, dear fans and friends, WE ARE The State Of, and will ALWAYS be

Colleagues often need some space, but 3000 miles? L.A. is a place that for the past year or so has been calling for me to go to. It might be my Indian Spirit. This move isn't to be away from my colleague because I need space. It's simply because as an artist, I'm constantly challenging myself, felling the urge to grow and learn. I've been in Miami my entire life; have done plenty of traveling and playing around the country and the world, including Canada and Germany, and I currently ache for change which I highly embrace. I've always been an adventure seeker, an explorer. Definitely enjoy the feeling of the unknown, the mystery of not knowing what to expect and THAT's what I've chosen to take this time go away for a minute.

Why L.A. anyway? The multiple industries that I've always wanted to tackle (ie: film, directing/editing music videos, acting, commercials, to name a few). Also, the music scene is ridiculous out there. I've wanted to get into becoming a session drummer for different artists. And with all this, open up more doors for The State Of... For Miami... Miami has been coming up a whole lot within the past five years,still we need more out here. I am and will ALWAYS be proud of this town and the people making a difference and investing their blood, sweat and tears into making shit happen out here. So, I need to fly away for a little while, go hunting and come back to feed the tribe...

What all's goin' down at this Sunday's "so long for now" party?
Well, you can expect to see me drumming my heart out that day. Nabedipalooza will feature BFGF, The Charlie 3's, Agape (featuring Nadia Harris), Afrobeta and The State Of. There are many more that will not be on stage performing but will def be out in the crowd enjoying this big love/tear fest that we've put together. I feel that with this line-up, it's a good mix of different genres to showcase the versatility that I offer as a drummer. Also, I will have tw, maybe a last minute third drum student backing ME up as I go center stage and play bass or guitar and sing.

Will you be hitting the skins for every set? With all five bands BABY! I'll beat them skins with my sticks!

This won't be your first time teaming with these Miami racket-makers, will it?
Not at all, I've previously collaborated with each and every one of them. I started this team here in Miami back in 1999; so I've been playing locally with many of the endless amounts of names that have come through here for quite some time. I've been blessed to share the stage with everyone that I've encountered throughout my career and all of these experiences have molded me to become the musician I am today.

Do you think it will be the last? Nope. This is home to me. My family lives here, my friends are here. I will always come through, for visits, shows, to fill the heart with Love that will be left behind. I hear it can be cold and lonely out there, so I will def be back for my Miami Fix few times a year. Miami is a gold mine, and I will always be a part of it, and in any which way I can contribute into the growth, there will be absolutely NO hesitations, I will always be 305 till I die!!!!!

Nabedipalooza pops off Sunday June 3 from High Noon till 7pm. For more information log on here.

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