NiteTalk: Nassie Shahoulian Is the Notorious Nastie


You've seen him on stage and screen, in back rooms, dark alleys and dive bars. You've been to his parties, you've attended his productions, and you've laughed at all of his jokes -- or else. He is Nassie Shahoulian, aka The Notorious Nastie, and this Friday night he's helping White Room go out with a bang and a beat and a boom.

Word is you're behind some wild goings on Friday night at White Room. Wanna fill us in?
Well, as you know, the White Room is dead and its reincarnation is yet to be born. So as the venue located at 1306 North Miami Ave lay in club purgatory, I thought I would bring the funk.

We talkin' debut appearances by some choice performers? You know we are! Hip Hop heavy hitters Big Krit, Curren$y and Smoke DZA are performing together for the first time in Miami as part of the Smoker's Club Tour. In other words: we've got triple threat headliner action going down this Friday at the venue formerly known as White Room.

How'd the night come about anyway? Well, it is Halloween weekend, and nothing scares me more than Hip Hop, so I called my boys Bryan Blanco and Giancarlo Loffredo of Major Event Marketing to put something together. These guys were responsible for AZ, Cormega and Nipsey Hu$$le shows. When they told me they had locked down the Smokers Tour, I did my Kool-Aid man impression and shouted "ohhh yeahhhhh."

What kinda reaction do you expect from Miami club-goers? The presales for the Smokers Tour are out of control. I get calls every five minutes on my cellphone from people asking for presale ticket information. Please just go to and save me from ending up with brain cancer from prolonged cellphone use.

Any other Nastie productions coming up we need to know about?
You know it, son! Next party not to be missed is 2 LIVE CREW on Saturday, November 13 at the very same venue. The whole show was put together to celebrate Destinee of Maybach Music Latino's birthday and it will be off the chain.

In addition to the club stuff, you're also a notorious local actor. What will we see you in next? My life is always changing. I've played Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman and toured the world performing with my Bermuda brother Otto Von Schirach. But with my daughter Zoe due to drop in December, I'm thinking about changing course a bit and developing a children's morning show! Imagine Pee Wee Herman meets Animal House... today's secret word is "toga! toga! toga!"

Any other screen action in the works?
In my last film, my character died and after the film was released so did my career. I then did nine episodes of a reality show and after over a year on the shelf it's suddenly going nowhere fast. Don't worry party people, you can still check out a lot of my work at

While we're at it, where did you get the name Nastie and why are you so Notorious?
It all started while I was in a punk band called The Gimmicks. Nastie seemed to be a better fit than Nassie. I was rude, fat, drunk , conceited, and I smelled bad. Some things never change. Well, I did stop drinking. I don't know why I've been labeled "notorious" though. I guess the world is full of stereotypes.

Is that just one of your many aliases? Yes, I'm also known as "The  Shadow" and "The Hotdog Guy." 

When you're not on screen or onstage, where in town do you most dig hanging out? I like hitting up Royal Castle on 79th Street for Castle Burgers. Cruising thrift stores is also on the top of my list. Bargain Barn is a great place to pick up investors.

What else is coming up for the Notorious Nastie? Well, after my hot dogs were named Best Hog Dog in Miami, I decided to open my own place. Nassie's Famous Franks will be opening on the 79th Street Causeway just in time to feed the artsy-fartsy masses of Art Basel. Check the progress at

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