NiteTalk: PhilanthroFest Throws a Blowout PhilanthroParty

PhilanthroFest-Estrellita Sibila 2 R2

It’s a fact that doing good is not only good for others; it’s good for those who do it too. It’s also a fact that even good deeds can sometimes cause fatigue. That’s one of the reasons why the good folks at the annual PhilanthroFest throw the occasional PhilanthroParty. The other reason is because there’s no better way to celebrate a year of doing good than among a clubful of fellow do-goods. PhilanthroFest co-chief Estrellita Sibila explains how and why.

What (and who) exactly is PhilanthroFest? Soul of Miami’s James Echols and I serve as co-executive directors of PhilanthroFest. We have a founding board as well as a steering committee that helps carry out the PF agenda.

In a sentence (or two), what is that agenda? PhilanthroFest's mission is to support philanthropy and culture by providing outreach, brand awareness and education opportunities to South Florida philanthropic and cultural arts organizations. We celebrate the South Florida philanthropic and cultural community in a yearly festival, and provide networking and educational opportunities throughout the year.

Care to share the details on Friday’s PhilanthroParty? Friday we kick off Philanthrofest 2013 with a philanthropy networker that will include 2012 non-profit participants and other civic-minded and passionate individuals in the South Florida community. The Party starts at 8 p.m., at PAX, admission is free until 9, there’s an open bar till 9:30, and PALO! will bring his Afro-Cuban Funk to the stage at 11. The amazing Purple People Eatery Food Truck will be there all night, as will "El Fabuloso," a grape-cranberry cocktail designed to purify your spirits.

Before we go, have any advice for others looking to get into philanthropy? The needs in our community are substantial which means there are endless opportunities to get involved. I always recommend starting with something that fuels your passion and reflects your personal values. Whether it is reading to children, advocating for our special needs population, or caring for animals, your time and talent can be worth more to an organization than your money. Philanthropy is for people with passion, not just people with money.

PhilanthroFest takes place Friday, Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. at PAX. For more information log on here.

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