NiteTalk: Club Kings Rene Rigau and Luis Fonseca Bring Us EVE


This weekend the era of White Room officially comes to a close, and in its place we're getting EVE, which is put together by the same two nightlife ops and promises to be another helluva club. Nightside got with co-owner Rene Rigau for the details.  

First off, why the name EVE?
We wanted to go with a name that has multiple meanings. The take on EVE and the Original Sin. Everything that is beautiful of the feminine. The EVE of an event, which is what we do. Equally as important, it's a one syllable word that people can remember easily and take on their own interpretation of the name.

You've done some rather extensive renovations on the space -- wanna tell us about them? Yes, we have done a tremendous amount of changes. We have addressed a lot of the issues we have had in the past. We have brought in a Dynacord Cobra 2 sound system, which is so clear yet rich in sound. Although our old EAW sound system was good, there is just is no point in attempting to compare the two. Our main stage can be seen from anywhere in the venue now. We have covered a good 80 percent of the outside area to prevent our customers from getting wet when it rains and also to help keep the sound within the venue. Really John I can tell you that even after our launch we will be doing more with the space, but what has been accomplished is staggering.

What's on tap for Saturday night's official opening?
We have Grammy Award-winning Alex Cuba performing. Then we have an A-list performance with some of South Florida's top bands including: What Glorious Things, Rebel, Radio Boxer, Young Circles and White Noise, plus DJ sets by DJ Run Sevim Run, DJ George Young, DJ Chris Halo, The Skandals and special guests

Don't you have something planned for tonight as well?
It's is going to be off the chain my friend! We have something very special hitting the Miami scene as a weekly Friday night event "Veni Vidi Vici" That's correct: we came, we saw, we conquered! It's being spearheaded by Erica Fickling previously of the Standard Hotel and Ernesto Reyes previously of Poplife. These two very dynamic and talented individuals vision for this night is going to give Miami something to talk about and look forward to again. Veni Vidi Vici, plus EVE presents BLONDES with JESP alongside residents Desiree, plus Ruen tomorrow night!

What else is coming up at EVE that we need to know about? We have programmed Wednesday- Saturday nights now, but I don't want to give away too much until we have all our ducks in a row. If you go to our site, which is still under construction you will see some of our upcoming events. The venue will be photographed tomorrow, so for those of you that aren't in town, you will still get to see what we have done with the joint.

When you cats aren't holed up at EVE, where in town do you dig hanging out? Well I have a friend that tends bar in the Grove at a cool little restaurant named Lulu's and if you're lucky you might catch her ... it's just a great escape for me. Clubs are a very different story. I do love going to Purdy Lounge on Sundays! Great vibe there on that night.

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