NiteTalk: Talkin' with Shit Robot

He's teamed with Hot Chip and LCD Soundsystem. He's remixed the likes of In Flagranti, The Juan Maclean and Jokers on the Scene. He wears a box on his head and he's signed to none other than DFA. He's Marcus Lambkin, better known as Shit Robot. And he's bringing his Show to Grand Central on Saturday night. Anybody "Tuff Enough" will be there.

You've asked the world, now we've gotta ask you: Are you Tuff Enuff?
Darn tootin!

You certainly are road worthy; in fact you've already been to Miami many times. Is Shit Robot better experienced in person? Of course. It's the only way you'll get to see The Shit Robot Show.

Speaking of which, this Saturday night promises the whole Show. What's that mean exactly? It's an audio visual extravaganza!

In other words a bigger, badder and bolder Shit Robot?
Oh yeah, Shit 2.0.

When you're not traveling, you've gotten mixed up with everyone from The Juan Maclean to Jokers on the Scene. What makes a track worth remixing? Usually friends, or there's just something in the track that you like that you feel you can work with.

You've also teamed with the likes of LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang and Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor. What makes a voice the kinda voice you seek? A voice that is willing to put up with me and my retarded music.

A mix of kismet and magic perhaps? I am not a fan of the word kismet.

So only one of those two principles will apply this Saturday night? Right. No kismet, definitely magical.

The Shit Robot Show Saturday August 13th at Grand Central 697 North Miami Avenue Miami. Doors open at 10pm. For more information call (305)377-2277 or log on here.

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