NiteTalk: Tobi Salver and the Beautiful Villains Make Fox House Official

It's being billed as a night of The Beautiful Villains. There will be band (Skip and the Spinouts); there will be DJ (The Haitian Hillbilly); there will be skate (an all night Ramp Jam). Mostly though, there will be style, and it will come from the overflowing closets of Fox House Clothing and worn by The Beautiful Villains themselves. The occasion: Fox House's official launch. Niteside got with the firm's foxy and fearless leader Tobi Salver to find out what's what. 

Wanna tell us a bit about Fox House?
Fox House is an online destination for women with a unique and indivual style where they can come to not only shop, but gain inspiration from our lookbooks and blog. Fox House offers a wide selection of the most desirable and coveted vintage clothing and accessories available online, as well as unique new designer pieces.

Does the name have anything to do with hens? Fox was derived from the fact that foxes are not pack animals and are opportunistic feeders, which translates into what I want my clothes to represent -- an individuality and uniqueness for the women who wear them. Typically considered shy creatures, foxes are mostly spotted only at night. Although they are stealthy and elusive creatures, they stand out because of their beautiful coats and markings. They are also one of a few species of mammal predators. I want women who shop at Fox House to feel as if they put on an article of clothing that they can buy from my store, and they are ready to go out there and "get it done!"

What makes any given garment worthy of Fox House? When it comes to vintage, I love anything that stands out. I also focus on patterns, color, cut and silhouette. But most importantly I go for the classic pieces. The articles of clothing that were fabulous 40 years ago, and will continue to be so for another 40 years. When it comes to the new items, it's not all about trends. I focus on pieces that turn heads, compliment figures, and make a woman feel comfortable and foxy.

By the same token, what makes any given gal a Fox House Fox? ANY gal can be a Fox House gal. The pieces I choose to carry on the site are carefully selected so that a girl with any type of style, whether it be bohemian, rock, grunge, or classic, she can find a garment on our site that fits her particular character, spirit, and style.

What's the singlemost glaring misconception about vintage?
I think some people feel they can't wear vintage. You would be surprised how many girls I have come up to me and tell me they love a particular vintage piece I have on, but they could never wear it. It's a total misconception. You don't need to be any shape,size, color, or creed to wear vintage. It's just about feeling comfortable in what you wear. So I say to anyone who thinks they can't wear vintage but want to, start with something small. Like add a vintage purse or jewelry to your look.

What are some of the particular positives? My favorite thing by far about wearing vintage is the individuality of it. I like to dress more on the eclectic side. I try to steer away from the cut/copy/paste of the mass produced clothing that is so readily available. The greatest thing about vintage hands down, is the fact that most are one of a kind, and chances are you won't ever see anyone else wearing it.

Tonight you're hosting Fox House's official launch party. Care to fill us in?
Psyched! Basically the launch party's theme is what I feel Fox House is. A unique and more underground type of party that caters more to the artistic, street, and urban culture that is sometimes hard to find in Miami scenes. It is going to be a multi-vacated event, with a fashion show (of course), a great live band playing two sets, a skate ramp, art, shopping, and a fun photobooth!

How'd you hook up with I Am Your Villian?
Funny story. I moved back to south FL from Los Angeles last year, and I heard from everyone that [Villian's] Joel Meinholz is the man to meet. After about nine months of living here, I finally randomly met him at his event for the premiere of the MIA skate video he was in. We got to talking about my store, and how I want to throw a launch party, and well, the rest is history. It was the perfect match, because I feel his business, I Am Your Villain, targets the exact market as my store. So it was just a perfect match.

What made you decide to throw the party at Stage? The Stage was exactly the type of venue I had visioned my party to be at. Not the typical boogie type clubs that you typically find in Miami. It has the warehouse feel to it, but also is decorated and laid out perfect. Also the people who run it are great to work with, and again, I just feel the venue, the Villain and the Fox all work great together.

Speaking of hotspots, where in town do you and your fellow Foxes most dig hanging out? That's a good question. I really enjoy eats and drinks at Mercadito. Also Sugarcane has amazing food. I am at these two places very often. I really love Bar in downtown, Chocolate Sundays at Purdy Lounge are always a killer time. The Stage has great music every week and I love to see who they bring in to perform. You can find Fox House at Launch Arte market on Saturdays in the design district. Churasco at the Standard is amazing :)

I love the library, and art walk in Wynwood every month is great. Gab studio puts on fantastic shows as well as the events at Back Lot studio. Primos at the Double Tree has fantastic food and a great selection of wine.

The Beautiful Villains Fox House Launch Party takes place tonight, February 10, at Stage 170 NE 38 Miami Doors open at 8pm

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