NiteTalk: Tomas Aquabooty Comes Clean on Electric Pickle's 3 Year Anniversary

If you dig dance music, and you dig DJs, and you dig nightlife itself, you've been to The Electric Pickle. If you haven't, well, then you're missing out on many of the most kickass reasons to hit the afterdark. This Friday the club that stands for all that and then some celebrates its third anniversary, and like all the best b-day parties, it'll be a blowout. Co-owner (and resident spinner) Tomas Aquabooty comes clean with all the dirt.  

For the damn(ed) few who don't know, what the hell's The Electric Pickle? Well our website says we are: An intimate, liquor-fueled love machine, designed as a forum for creative expression and cross-cultural exploration, geared towards the discerning music enthusiast. Okay, that sounds like a bunch of crap, but go check out the site and you will hear strange music, see pretty pictures and maybe get a general idea what we are about, as well as things to come.

Seriously.. The Pickle is an intimate little night club in Miami's Wynwood Arts District, with a really big, really good sound system. We try to be driven mainly by content and not the usual Miami hype. We've been lucky to have cultivated real lasting friendships with some of the biggest artists in the underground electronic dance scene right now. These artists regularly perform at the Pickle... which creates a unique, intimate and sometimes very intense experience. We try to create an unpretentious and welcoming environment. We do not knowingly admit bigots. That's pretty much it. It's working out so far and the kids seem to like it.

Is there some kinda storied story behind the name? Not really. My partner Will, a few friends and myself were tossing around a bunch of serious posh names and at the end of the day they all sounded trite and stupid. I always thought we should go the opposite way and just be silly... not take anything about ourselves too serious. I suggested The Electric Pickle and everyone just kinda laughed it off... I let em think about it for a few days and then came back and suggested that it actually could work. You will never forget it anyway.. and I now make some bad ass pickles you can get in a dirty martini at the bar!

Who else is in on the action with you? It's myself and Miami native Will Renuart as the principal partners and creatives; then Inbal Lankry does much of our marketing outreach and artist relations + our staff is just amazing. We are a very small place.. we employ less than 20 people total, so everyone is like family.

What all have you got lined up for EP's 3-year anniversary? The usual shenanigans really. Maybe we have upped the ante just a bit. There will be a large stage and sound system outside in the garden (fancy term for parking lot) with an early evening show by UK transplant and Crosstown Rebels head honcho Damian Lazarus, who will later close the upstairs El Bolero Room going to 5am. Our friend Adam Shelton from the Air London label will also be performing along with local heroes DHM and resident dj Brad Strickland. Will and myself will also be playing a few records (yes actual records).

Do you anticipate any special surprises? There will be a few unannounced special guests and flaming high wire acts.

How 'bout mayhem and merriment? Roger that.

Wanna tip us off to any other upcoming events before you go-go? WMC week is gonna be a mother!  It's almost too much to list. Ten straight days of insanity. Check the website for the play by play.

The Electric Pickle is located at 2826 N Miami Avenue Wynwood. For more information call 305-456-5613 or log on here.

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