NiteTalk: Tony AfroBeat On Miami’s New Dance Rock

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Miami's a polyglot town. We've said it; you've said it; so has everyone else. What's less said is that Miami also moves a polyglot beat -- and it's unlike any other in the whole wild world. Tony Laurencio not only knows this, he's a large part of kicking that beat into reality. Niteside caught up with the racket-maker before his Beatmachines team with Krisp at The Stage. Here's what he shouted about our town's Dance Rock.

Who are Beatmachines and where do they come from? Beatmachines is JJ Freire (Puerto Rico) and me, Tony Laurencio (Miami) -- JJ is also in Suenalo; I'm also in Afrobeta.

Anyone else in the Beatmachines scene we need to know about? Yeah, there's a bunch of "live" electronic acts in the Miami Underground.  Wdiz, Dusthead, Sounduo, Telekinetic Walrus, No Sleep, OHME, Johnny Deezal, Mr Feathers, I can go on for awhile.

If you had to sum up what Beatmachines mean in a sentence, what would it be? We create the music you hear in front of you. 

How 'bout a sentence to sum up Beatmachines' sound? Improvised dub, funk, bass-step, house, reggaeton, Electro, Miami Bass.

What all is goin' down this Saturday night? Saturday is gonna be awesome. The Stage is such a cool place to play live music. Krisp is making some amazing music. Bring your dancing shoes.

How'd Beatmachines come to connect with Krisp? We're big fans of Krisp. It was love at first sound. Dean Taha, their manager, has been key to this new movement.

Would you say all of the above-mentioned belong to a scene unlike any other in the wild world? This is a scene unlike any other because of the melting pot that Miami is. Everyone is from someplace else.

If you had to give said scene a name, what would it be?

Beatmachines and Krisp play The Stage Saturday July 28. For more information log on here.

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