NiteTalk: Band-handling with The Fillmore’s Tony Delahiguera

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As you might suspect, bands don't appear outta thin air. First they gotta get here; then they gotta load in, set up and sound check before they can wow us all into oblivion. In between all this they've got needs, whether it's something as kooky as 50 lbs of kitty litter or as necessary as replacing a guitar. And if those needs aren't met to the act's satisfaction, we could be in for a bad show. To ensure that never happens, The Fillmore Gleason has employed Tony Delahiguera. He's the back-of-the-house guy who handles bands, thereby enabling those of us at the front of the house to enjoy the music. Tony D is also on point at the Cruzan Amphitheater, though he's more inclined to field fickle requests there from the crowd.
You're Production Manager at The Fillmore Gleason. Can you please give folks an idea of what that job entails? I'm the liaison between the artist and the venue, handling all of the technical needs and some of the not so technical needs of every band that takes that stage.
You're also the Director of Operations at the Cruzan Amphitheater. Aside from the obvious (weather), what are some of the differences between what you do at each venue? At the Fillmore I listen to artist complaints and at Cruzan I listen to customer complaints.
Besides the two South Florida venues, you were also Live Nation's point man for the last U2 tour. How many shows did you work and what were some of your tasks? I was not the point man on this project. I worked on this project with a team from our local office.
Can you please name a few highlights from the Fillmore? The Mars Volta, these guys literally tore the house down. They caused all kinds of damage on stage and backstage. We look forward to having them again regardless of their hijinks. And My Morning Jacket. What an amazing band. Jim James and the rest of the gang are just some of the nicest guys around. I Just wish they would tour more.
And the Cruzan? Jane's Addiction w/ NIN, without question.
You don't have to name names (if you don't want to), but what were some of the oddest demands made by an artist before (or after) a show? 50lbs of Kitty Litter and plastic wrapping.
Who were some of the coolest to work with? Most recently Band of Horses and The Black Keys. Both bands are slowly taking over the world.
When you're not handling the action at either The Fillmore or The Cruzan, where in town do you most dig hanging out? Mac's Club Deuce!
What's coming up for Tony D? I'm a  bit disappointed we will have to wait another year to have U2 back. In the meantime, we will be pulling off some amazing shows: Imogen Heap, Citizen Cope, Passion Pit, 50 Cent, Hole. And that's just over the next four weeks!

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