NiteTalk: Transoverload Braces for Wild Second Saturday Night

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That art plays a large part of every Second Saturday Night is no secret. What's less spoken of, except perhaps in whispers, is the mad merging of art and music that takes place each Second Saturday at Awarehouse. This weekend that merging of mediums includes a slew of Miami's most active racket-makers and a visual installation that may literally take your breath away. Leading the onslaught into this brave new reality will be the eminently danceable digital heavies known as Transoverload. Niteside got with the threesome's cyber-spokesperson in order to give you the lowdown.

For the few nightcrawlers who don't yet know, what the hell is Transoverload? Transoverload is the power of mass movement. Transoverload is an electronic band from Miami, comprised of The Role, Machine and Dr. K. They have been playing together since late 2003, opening for national and international acts such as Infected Mushroom, Fischerspooner, Skazi, DJ Yahel, Astral Projection, and playing alongside artists such as Deadmau5, Carl Cox, David Guetta, Prodigy, The Bloody Beetroots, and many others. Transoverload has also earned a permanent spot at the most important electronic music festival in the nation: Ultra Music Festival. Transoverload is a lifetime experience.

So would you say making a racket is what they do best? Their style has evolved into a dance electronic fusion propelled by pumping beats, psychedelic bass lines and entrancing keyboard melodies, all of which combine with the band's onstage energy and extraordinary visual displays to keep a crowd constantly dancing.

Word is they'll be taking the stage on Second Saturday night, wanna tell us about it? Yes, Transoverload will be performing with a new show more solid than ever, along with new technology.

Will this be their first time sounding off at Awarehouse?
Transoverload has played Awarehouse many times before, most notably at Breathe, which was a total success.

Hasn't T.O. also teamed up with Awarehouse's own organicArma? Transoverload will release a new techno dance remix of the song :Heart Shaped Devil." OA has also collaborated on some of Transoverload's new visual performance.

Any plans to put any of that on the racks? Transoverload will be releasing an album full of different artist remixes by the end of the year.

Will they also be joining oA on Saturday night?
Yes, they will be doing some live collaboration with organicArma. [oA drummer/vocalist] Dharma will be playing the Transoverload Drums, and Machine will possibly be playing the Electric Guitar for one of oA's songs.

What else can folks expect to hear?
Transoverload will be playing a variety mix of their favorite songs and a selection off their new album Nebular,. which  was released on March 24th.

Any other T.O. product out there we should know about? Transoverload has produced four albums, all available on iTunes, CD Baby and many more digital stores, as well as many retail outlets. The albums are entitled Sonic Vice (2008), Blame Miami (2009), The Concept (2010) and Nebular (2011). Transoverload also has a strong following on social networks like facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud and ReverbNation.

Before we go-go, if what's gonna happen this weekend had to be summed up in a single sentence, what would it be? It will be a night to never forget.

Transoverload, organicArma, Telekinetic Walrus, Eden Grey and BFGF with DJs Dave Betamax and Frankie Helix Second Saturday, April 9 at Awarehouse. 550 W. 29 St Miami Doors open at 8 p.m.; close at midnight. For more information call 305.576.4004

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