NiteTalk: Waxing Cinematic with The Rapture

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A polyglot world demands a polyglot soundtrack, which is why The Rapture has tracked so well. Not as much post-punk as they are post-genre, the NYC-based three-piece almost defy aural gravity. That of course makes ‘em even more impactful. Niteside asked keyboardist/bassist Gabriel Andruzzi to riff on art and cinema before the band takes the Grand Central stage.

If The Rapture could choose to score for one director, who would it be? Wow! You're starting off with the tough questions. I've always wanted to score a film, its a serious dream of mine.  There are so many good options, you're putting a huge buffet of delicious food in front of me and telling me I can only eat one thing. What way do I go with this? I could go big and say George Lucas, how cool would it be to score Star Wars or Indiana Jones? Or maybe big and classic, Kubrick.... man, so many amazing and beautiful films to work on here. From The Killing, to The Shining I could go to town on that sh-t. How about Tarkovsky? It would be awesome to score The Mirror or Solaris. Ahhh Malick, that would be great. Seriously great. Beautiful, twisted and meditative. But I might have to go with...snare drum roll please...Hideko Miyazaki.

Of that director’s oeuvre, is there one particular film which most moves you? There are a few of Miyazaki's movies that move me. He deals with serious, deep and mystical stuff in a very playful manner. I'm always moved and at the same time reminded to have a light heart. I think the one that always sticks in my mind is Nausicaa and The Valley of the Wind. I saw it at a young age, an amazing pacifist film.

If The Rapture were forced to align themselves with one art movement, which would you choose? Hmmm, I'm not sure I would want to align myself with an art movement. And I honestly don't think I can speak for The Rapture in total here. I would naturally lean towards minimalism or wish that we were the house band at the Bauhaus(haha). But I think if we were to really align ourselves with something we would have to create something new special for ourselves.  A movement that condones both sublime and repulsive, a movement that utterly negates modern life and yet caters to the market place in the most spineless manner, a movement that creates the cutest things that every five year old wants but also creates mysteries that no one can decipher. You shouldn't have asked me this question... I'm kinda full of it.

The Rapture plays Grand Central Monday October 14.

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