NiteTalk: Xido from Krisp on Aliases & Mamani Vice

There’s a riot goin’ on in the MIA, one of sight and sound so complete it promises to knock the very wow into now. It’s about music, natch. But it’s also about the MIA taking its rightful place in what’s heard around the whole wild world. At the forefront of all this rioting is an outfit called Krisp. Formed a mere year ago and already a Miami mainstay, the foursome is a full-on free-for-all of good, keen fun. Got doubts? Hit Bardot this Saturday night, where the lads will unleash Mamani Vice, the floor will be waxed by both Vampire Weekend’s Baio and Nightdrive, and all doubts will get killed dead.

Who and what is Krisp? Krisp is Alex Lopez a.k.a. Xido, Carlos Troncoso a.k.a. Charlie Woods, Juan Ledesma a.k.a. Junior, and last but not least Jason Captain Hook.

Whats the story behind the aliases? Xido, in my native tongue is slang for “cool” or “all right.” Whenever I ran into any of my friends they would scream that at me and it just sort of stuck. Charlie Woods is almost the exact English translation of his Spanish name – Charlie in Spanish is of course Carlos and Troncoso is basically a trunk of wood, hence Woods. We gave Jason the name Captain Hook because the song that we were writing at the time was kind of making fun of the fact that due to a skateboarding accident he could only play drums with one hand.

Speaking of names, why’d you cats decide to call yourselves Krisp? Long before ever becoming a band, I would say something was “krisp” if i thought it was cool or fresh; once we started playing together I found myself saying that a lot after our jams, and it was a pretty fresh sound, so it just kind of stuck.

Is there a similar story behind the title Mamani Vice? In the ‘80s there was a really cool decadent, hedonistic vibe goin' on here; Miami Vice was the sh** at the time. While we were trying to find a name for the song we just sort of pictured Crockett driving around in his Testarossa listening to Krisp.

If a stranger dropped down from the moon and wanted to know what to expect on Saturday, what would you say? Get ready to ride the "synthwave" and expect a whole lot of booty shakin’ madness – and make sure to wear your dancing shoes.

Would you say the same thing to Earthlings? I would say the exact same thing and expect an aural orgasm!!!

Krisp plays Bardot Saturday, Aug. 18 at 10 p.m. Special guest DJs Baio (Vampire Weekend) and Nightdrive. For more information log on here.

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