Norma Kamali Talks Trends and Body Types

Norma Kamali talks about her new swimwear collection

Designer Norma Kamali, who received an design award for her Wal-Mart $30 trench coat, will be showing her swimwear collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, which kicks off Thursday night and run through Monday. 

We asked Kamali about her new collection, her inspiration and trends for next season.
What was your inspiration for this collection?
Lingerie on the beach.
What are the new cuts and colors?
Vintage shades.
What kind of woman wears your swimwear?
Women that love wearing swimsuits.
What is the price range?
$65 to$1,500 
Tell us about we will see in terms of coverups and outerwear for bathing suits.
Swimwear and sportswear are not separate anymore and jeans can be worn with a swimsuit and have a great look. So is it a coverup or sportswear or sleep or active? For our line it is always open and optional gowns that are washable over a swimsuit. Perfect!!
What do you feel will be the new big trend for swimwear next season?
 I think the idea of lingerie and the crossover to the beach is so provocative. I love that you wear them for both and as sportswear.
How much do you care about trends?
Trends are important for every season. It’s the seasoning on the collections.
Do you design with a particular woman or body type in mind?
 I design so much swimwear that I tend to cover many body types. I think about swimwear on the body as sculpture. So, depending on the fabric and the style, it will appeal to different women and body types.
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