Brian Gorman Opens Gay Boutique Hotel

Hotelier Brian Gorman, founder of the newly opened Lords Hotel, said he thought Miami was the perfect hot spot to set up his LGBT-friendly accommodations.

“I remember coming to South Beach in my late teens and remembering that it was just the ultimate experience -- fun, sun, sand, clubs, everything,” he told Niteside of why he choice the Magic City as the place to start his gay botique hotel. “ I just saw myself here more than anywhere else, it was meaningful for me personally. I knew I wanted to start my brand here.”

Gorman, founder of Lords South Beach Hotel, has put his heart and soul into the 53-room Art Deco confection where 10 percent of the profits made on certain rooms go to LGBT charities.

“You grow up with this idea of what travel is: someone sitting in a pool with their loved one sipping a cocktail, "he said. "And many in the gay community sometimes feel that isn’t acceptable in a mainstream hotel."

He added, "But in this environment, gay friendly especially, you know its for you and that this is a space that you are safe."

Many A-listers have already stopped by the hotel in its first three weeks of being open and they have a burgeoning list of celebrity clientele, Gorman said.

“During Basel we had the editor of Out magazine and Amanda Lepore has stayed with us," he said. "Rapper Cazwell is coming for Winter Music Conference. Rodney from 'The A-List' is coming next weekend. Richie Rich, Lady Bunny and Tracy Young will be here for New Year's Eve. I mean, 2011 is going to be amazing … to say the least.”

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