Obama for Beer

Miami Listening Tour says yes we can at Churchill's Pub

Churchill's Pub never ceases to be the best place to listen to anything here in Miami. That's probably why tonight at 7 p.m., an old group with a new name -- Organizing for America (once known as Obama for America) -- is setting up its Miami Listening Tour at our favorite music venue.

This meeting will be a great way to find out what you can do as a measly citizen of these here United States. Measly? We kid. You are a hugely important voice that works to shape democracy. Yes, you can do it. Or rather, we can do it.

If you're interested, OFA will be discussing their priorities, what they're doing to get stuff done, and you can have your say in the outcomes. This listening tour is national, but the group is not just here to listen to you complain or suggest or have you listen to them preach, it's about discussion. Democracy is best when people are talking, arguing and compromising, and it sounds like OFA is here to facilitate a discussion.

OFA has tons of volunteers and supporters and they say they are intent on "continuing in the tradition of the Obama campaign's motto of respect, empower, include." So, if you're feeling brain dead, hung over, goofy or ill-informed, we suggest you get down to Churchill's tonight and start talking.

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