Ole! Flamenco Arts Festival Is Back in Town

The Festival runs through February 19.

What better way to sidle into a romantic spirit this Valentine’s Eve than with the passionate sounds of Flamenco?

A group of mostly young performers will clap their hands to the boisterous sounds of the Gitano classic before a sold-out crowd at the Adrienne Arsht center this evening.
The festival has an impressive line-up of world-renowned performers direct from Spain, including Pastora Galván, Rocío Molina, Belen López and veteran Compañía María Pagés.
NBCMiami spoke to Galván, one of tonight’s most acclaimed dancers, who admits she still feels a bit nervous before a performance but enjoys the familiar Miami crowd.
“It’s exciting to perform for such a warm audience,” said Galván, “I enjoy watching how the crowd interacts with the performance.”
Galván hails from a long line of “Bailaores,” including both parents. Her father still teaches in her native Seville, and her brother is also a professional dancer.
Flamenco originated in Andalusia, in the south of Spain -- a culturally rich, Moors-influenced region that integrates the passion of the orient with an irreplaceable, spine-tingling sound. The passion released through feet tapping and mesmerizing movements of the hands makes for a captivating energy of unrequited love and inexplicable nostalgia.

If you can’t make it tonight, don’t sweat it! The festival runs until February 19th. For more info visit arshtcenter.org.
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