One of a Kind

Pilates One

ALL FOR ONE: Yoga, kickboxing, running, sprinting, lifting, lunging—when it comes to getting in shape, you’ve tried a lot of workouts on for size. Get to the size you want to be by giving Pilates a go. Pilates One in the Grove is a small group and private-training studio lead by Jeannine Bergmann. Think of her as a Pilates pro to the stars, as she’s worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest hits. And while your star status may still be on the dimmer side, you can still get in shape just like all those leading ladies and gents. Gravity machines, ballet bars and Pilates chairs are all in a day’s workout at Pilates One. Just keep in mind while you’re feeling the burn, you’re also burning calories and making those muscles long and lean. Burn, baby, burn. GET IT: 3100 S. Dixie Hwy., No. 401, Coconut Grove; 786.545.6889.

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