Paint the Town Brown

Now you can get an overpriced mani and pedi in Miami’s own Design District. The popular haven known as Brownes & Co. opens a second location

If you’re sick to death of the schlep to Lincoln Road where you aimlessly drive around in circles looking for a parking spot (which, on Convention Center event days, fagettaboutit), then rejoice, the manicure/pedicure Gods have shined their light on us with a second Brownes & Co.

Parked next to Pacific Time at 87 N.E. 40th St. in the Design District, this Brownes & Co. is the little sister to its Miami Beach locale, with a downsized apothecary and smaller salon offering facials, waxing and nail services. This little sis has the same friends as her big sis though, as the team who’ve been cutting your cuticles and waxing your unibrow will be rotating between the two joints.   

This addition is just the tip of Brownes & Co version 2.0. The salon now offers a book-online button on its site, which means you don’t have to say your name 50 times and then spell it to the new girl on the phone who won’t just give you that standing appointment you’ve had for the past five years.

Almost paradise. Now if only Brownes could just find a polish that never chips …


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