Panic at the Disco

Local music/performance artiste Panic Bomber struts his stuff on stage tonight

If there's somewhere in America where dance music still thrives and bodies still move on dance floors other than just to lean over and chat, it's Miami.

Panic Bomber Trips the Life Fantastic

And what's even better than dancing to good music? Shaking it to a visually engaging performance piece, of course.

Which is why we are thankful that Panic Bomber is making music artfully and locally.

Panic Bomber sweats it out on stage in a black body suit decorated with ropes of light, creating the impression of a glowing, moving line drawing. The costume even includes a pulsating bomb-heart, which sort of embodies our affections for this talented performer.

As Panic Bomber, Haig keeps his music mostly electronic in genre, though he incorporates elements such as pop and rock. Whatever you want to call it, it's freaking awesome and you'll definitely sweat and smile the night away.

Catch the PB, along with indie rock band Van Gloria, tonight at the Sweat Records-hosted "birthday party" of Overtown club The Vagabond.

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