Penn Badgley Likes Low-Cut Dresses And Thigh-High Boots

Maybe starring on such a fashion-drenched TV show has rendered Penn Badgley qualified to dispense fashion advice, because he told Cosmo what he looks for when it comes to women’s style: “A sweater-dress really can be the sexiest thing. As a man, I just like the simpler things ... A plunging V-neck looks like she pulled it off the floor of a man’s bedroom. There’s something so sensual about it.” Go on Penn, go on…

“A bold accent can fade away, leaving you focused on the beautiful woman wearing it.” Translation: Huh?

“If a strong, secure girl wears thigh-high boots, it can be stunning and powerful.” Translation: If a hot chick wears hooker boots, that’s uh, hot.

“Clothing that looks good on a woman—doesn’t matter what it is—makes you think about sex.” Translation: I think about sex on a minute-to-minute basis.

“What a woman wears says a whole lot about her confidence.” Translation: I think I read that somewhere in my sister’s Cosmo.

And there you have it, ladies and gentleman: Penn Badgley, your personal style guru. [Cosmopolitan]

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