Piers Morgan Insists It's His Body In New Burger King Ad

Piers Morgan insists a body double was not used in his new advertisement for Burger King in the United Kingdom.

Over the weekend, a photo of the "America's Got Talent" and "Britain's Got Talent" judge wearing nothing but a small, well-placed towel and a Burger King medallion surfaced, the pic an ad for the hamburger chain's shortly-to-launch meat-scented cologne. And on Monday, Piers told Billy the toned chest is most definitely his own.

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"I've been showing off this physique on Malibu Beach for years and no one's ever fully caught it. This is it. This is the real me," Piers told Billy Bush in an interview for Access Hollywood and "The Billy Bush Show."

When asked point blank if his frame was sculpted for the ad in Photoshop, Piers said the photo is a true rendition of his likeness.

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"I don't want to get too into the methodology used for this photo shoot," Piers said. "All I would say is the picture doesn't lie… I know there's a bit of jealously creeping in here, but the whole campaign is based around the fact that they've identified me as a pure piece of prime British flame grilled beef."

Piers said he is proud of showing off his figure, but his fellow "Britain's Got Talent" judge, Simon Cowell, isn't too happy with the picture.

"Simon Cowell's not laughing because everyone's really, really goading him that I've got a better body than him. He's really depressed," Piers laughed.

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And the British media don't seem to believe the photos either, questioning the authenticity of Piers' shape.

"The British papers have all been, I think unusually skeptical for them," he said. "They don't seem to think it's my real body, but obviously they haven't been as close to me as you have Billy, I mean you know how ripped I am. I've been in your little studio there."

For those who want to get a closer look at Piers' Burger King campaign, the judge suggests traveling to London.

"I've actually just been told they put a billboard poster up in Leicester Square, which is like our Times Square in London, which is bigger than the one for 'Terminator.' So if you want to get into London, now's the time because you'll find my half naked body staring back at you in Leicester square," he said.

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