Plains' Max Johnston Thinks GWAR Should Play His Band in a Movie

Miami musicians get around a lot and Max Johnston’s no exception.

The guitarist plays for both local pop band Animal Tropical and indie rockers Plains. It’s cool though because Jorge Rubiera is also around town in both of those bands. Jorge Graupera and Michael McGinnis of Honor Roll Studios round off the quartet. 

This weekend, Vagabond is hosting the release party for Plains’ first album. The night will also kickoff a five city mini-tour. In honor of this celebration, Johnston answered a few obnoxious questions. These are things that the world needs to know about Plains. Like why the name and which band is better? 
The title of the album is Plains or something else?
The title is Plains. But "Plains or something else" would have been better.
What's with the significance of the name Plains?
I never thought to ask. There was never any significance in the name of any other band I've been in so I just assumed it was the same with Plains. This is America, names don't mean (expletive).
If your new album were a food, what food item would it be?
Gruel. Really cool gruel.
You guys have a nice classic indie rock sound, but less whiny and more danceable. If another band were to play Plains in a movie who would that band be?  
We would need to take an I'm Not There approach to the scenes with Plains. It would take at least six different bands to do it right. One of them would be GWAR. They really get us.
Do you ever get nervous when you're onstage? 
Yes. I freeze up and wet myself every time, and this Friday's show at Vagabond will be no exception. It's an album release show, as well, so I might throw up a little, too. Come see.
Did you guys record at Honor Roll Studios?
Mike McGinnis wrote and recorded the entire album himself at HR. I think Jorge Graupera may have contributed some guitar work to it. Nobody asked me for help. It's OK.
Can we expect a Coral Morphologic project with Plains music? Is there already one? 
I don't know of any projects in the works between CM and Plains. Jared McKay actually used to be in Plains though.  So based on that history the answer is likely yes ... but  I guess it could also be no for the exact same reason.
You can tell us honestly, do you prefer playing with Animal Tropical or Plains? 
Apples and oranges. Playing in Plains is like eating an apple. Playing in AT is like having someone pelt you in the side of the head with an orange. Then as an apology they hand feed it to you with really dirty fingernails. 
Check them out this Friday at Vagabond (30 NE 14 Street, Miami). 
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