Plat Bleu

In Miami, you can get the most elevated late-night food -- stiff pizza, Twizzlers, even Doritos -- but what about when you want something simpler, like a Brazilian-influenced French brasserie? Finally meeting that most basic of needs, Plat Bleu.


Thrillist - Plat Bleu

After seeing one too many hungry-eyed inebriates waddle out the door, the Delano renovated their lobby's east end with white leather camelback sofas, fuzzy pillows, and marble-topped bistro tables to create PB: open 'til 4am weekends, it's the vision of a French chef who lived in Brazil, went native, feared diseases, and brought his hybrid here. The post-11pm menu's highlighted by the Delano Cobb (blue crab, shrimp, mango, Maytag blue cheese, avocado, bacon); beef tenderloin carpaccio (first-press olive oil, white 'shrooms); Crabavocat (guac, blue crab, spicy shrimp, spiced tomato coulis); and the taro root mousseline/white truffle oil/'shroom carpaccio Big Ravioli -- so pillowy, you'll immediately pass out on it. All-day fare (good 'til 11pm) adds the likes of a Maine lobster club; Kobe sliders w/ pancetta; duck confit medianoche hot-pressed in a sweet Cuban roll; and Brazilian-style skirt steak w/sea salt and herbs, impaled on a skewer both for convenience, and for when careless insinuation demands a duel. Cocktails (also served late) are off the Rose Bar menu, including concoctions like "Delano Punch" (10 Cane, bananas, raspberry & strawberry liqueurs) and the Milagro tequila "Silver Bullet" -- order one to diffuse the situation, or the wolfman whose girlfriend you were ogling will make you his late-night snack.

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