Pop Goes the Cupcake

Popsy cakes

LET THEM EAT POPSY CAKES: We invite you to try the first ever cupcake on an edible stick. Teen entrepreneur Jessica Cervantes created the delicious treats Popsy Cakes for our tasting pleasure. These treats ditch the normal look and taste of a cupcake and take it to a whole new dimension. The cake itself comes in chocolate, vanilla bean, hazelnut, lemon, strawberry and red velvet. You can mix and match the flavors with white or dark chocolate, vanilla, or fondant icing. You can also pick your stick. Choose from pretzel, wafer cookie with hazelnut filling or lollipop sticks. After you choose your flavors, decorate away with your choice of ribbons, sprinkles and shapes. GET IT: $2.50-$3.00 each. popsycakes.com

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