Porn Star Launches Sen. “Listening Tour”

Sure, it may be a publicity stunt – but if so it's working.

Next week, porn star Stormy Daniels launches her "Listening Tour" across Louisiana. The star of such films as "Operation Desert Stormy" will appear in Baton Rouge on Tuesday and New Orleans on Wednesday in order to "meet with Louisiana men and women and listen to the issues and concerns they struggle with everyday" and gauge a potential run against Sen. David Vitter (R.).

The untraditional path into politics for Daniels, a 29-year-old with no party affiliation at present, began in February when fans launched the website to encourage a run.

When POLITICO spoke with Daniels at the time, she seemed intrigued by the idea and said "I wanted to take over the world and I guess 'senator' is a good place to start, right? I've been handed a golden opportunity and I should take advantage of it."

Daniels hopes that her career as a porn star (and producer, writer and director) won't prove much of a hindrance, since Vitter has some sexual history of his own: In July 2007, his phone number appeared in the published phone log of Deborah Jeane Palfrey, AKA the "D.C. Madam." Although Vitter never outright admitted specific wrongdoing, he did issue a written statement:, admitting to "a very serious sin in my past for which I am, of course, completely responsible."

Vitter, who came to the Senate in 2004, was elected to Congress in 1999 to fill the seat Rep. Robert Livingston (R) resigned after Hustler publisher Larry Flynt claimed to have evidence proving the then speaker-elect had engaged in several extra-marital affairs of his own.

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